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If you have any issues, please contact for assistance.

If you are an external visitor and the issue is related to your login, please contact your institutions helpdesk or alternatively connect to the MetFilm Visitors network.

WIFI Access & Eduroam

Wireless Internet Access is available to our students, staff and visitors on our Ealing Campus.

Our secure networks provide students and staff with authenticated access to the MetFilm School network from their school provided or personal devices.

This can be via the dedicated MetFilmSchool wireless network or the Eduroam service provided by the Janet Network in the UK.

Janet is a high-speed network for the UK research and education community provided by Jisc. It serves over 18 million users providing a secure world-class network, enabling national and international communication and collaboration.

Use of our network requires acceptance of the Janet Acceptable Use Policy.

Eduroam usage is governed by the Eduroam (UK) Policy.


Before connecting to our network, you need to be aware that:

  • All connection activity is logged and could be viewed at any time by authorised MetFilmSchool staff.
  • Do not use the connection to access material that is inappropriate to the workplace, is profane or obscene, that advocates illegal acts, or that advocates violence or discrimination towards other people.
  • The person connecting is responsible for all activity on the device being used – please make sure to logout of shared devices.
  • The connection is not encrypted so we advise caution when sending personal and sensitive information especially to unencrypted websites.
  • Web and network filtering systems are in place across all connections and certain sites, site categories and network protocols may be blocked.
  • MetFilmSchool accepts no responsibility for hardware, software or configuration damage, change or loss sustained by connecting to these wireless networks.
  • The connection is protected by a firewall, but MetFilmSchool accepts no responsibility for the security of connected devices. It is recommended that as a minimum, each connected device runs a firewall and has virus protection installed. Connect to the internet at your own risk.
  • If you disagree with any of these conditions of use, you must disconnect immediately.

You must also accept the MetFilm School Acceptable use of IT policy.

Connecting to Our WIFI Networks

  • METFILM SCHOOL STAFF AND STUDENTS – All staff and students can connect to the MetFilmSchool network that will show in the list of Wi-Fi networks on your device. You will need to login to this network using your Student Gateway/Timetable account details. Eduroam in only available to MetFilm School staff, accredited course students and visitors from other institutions (this includes ScreenSpace students who would connect using UWL Eduroam credentials).
  • VISITORS FROM OTHER UNIVERSITIES – Visitors from other organisations who participate in Eduroam can login to our network. Select eduroam from the list of available Wi-Fi Networks and login with the same credentials you use at your own institution
  • OTHER VISITORS/GUEST ACCESS – A wireless network is also provided for visitors who do not have a MetFilm School or Eduroam login. The MetFilm Visitor network will be available from the list of Wi-Fi networks. When prompted you will need to enter an email address and mobile phone number to register. The account details will be emailed and texted to you and will remain valid for 24 hours. This network provides access to websites and mail systems but has restrictions on other services, we do block specific websites in respect of our duty under UK legislation such as prevent. Use of the network is subject to the MetFilm School Acceptable Use Policy and the Janet Acceptable Use Policy. Please see the Visitors Wi-Fi Guide for further details.
  • CONNECTING TO THE METFILM SCHOOL WI-FI NETWORK – Access to the MetFilmSchool Wi-Fi network requires you to have a valid school login (as used for accessing the Student Gateway and Timetable). The guides below show how to login to the network for common devices.

Connecting to Eduroam

The Eduroam service allows School staff and eligible students to connect their devices to the eduroam wireless network at MetFilm School and many other institutions both in the UK and abroad.

A list of UK participating institutions can be found here. If the institution is listed as ‘Home Only’ then there is no service for visitors.

A free JISC eduroamCompanion app that can help locate the nearest eduroam point can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and a variety of sources for android including Google Play store.

Visitors from other institutions can connect to our wireless network when visiting MetFilm School using the login credentials from their own institution.

  • HELP CONNECTING TO EDUROAM – The easiest way for MetFilm School staff and students to connect to Eduroam is via the Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT). Download the CAT from the following link and follow the instructions.

If you have issues using the CAT, you can try connecting manually using one of the guides below.

Note: ScreenSpace students will need to use their UWL accounts and the UWL Eduroam CAT to connect to Eduroam.

Please see the guides below for help in connecting to Eduroam network.