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3 years

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The BA Film and Screen Business course challenges you to develop your business skills and knowledge across a range of areas within the screen and film industries, and to build your entrepreneurial mission to launch successful careers.

You will learn to navigate the modern media environment; film and media content production and delivery; financing and funding; data and analytics; legal and accounting principles; marketing strategy; exploitation and distribution. You will also hone skills to help you progress in your own business career: presentation, networking, pitching, and creative entrepreneurship.

This course is offered through our partnership with the University of West London. International students who require a visa to study in the UK are not eligible to study on this course.

UK students on this course may be eligible for the maximum Tuition Fee Loan amount, which covers the full tuition fee. Please check the Fees & Finance section for more information.



Why Take the Course?

Why Take the Course?

  • Comprehensive: Each semester is built around the relationship between a producer or business and its intended market. Students work on individual and group projects to develop a detailed understanding of the business of film and screen production, experiencing a diverse range of business and entrepreneurial roles across the creative industries.
  • Industry-facing: This course works with productions and screen businesses, bringing industry expertise into the teaching space to allow students to learn about developments in the industry, analyse emerging trends, and learn key business skills to research and build business plans or strategies.
  • Portfolio: You will build up expertise in producing, digital marketing, new business development, financial planning, launching start-ups and developing a freelance portfolio.
  • Professional tutors: Many of our teaching staff are currently working in the industry as: TV and film directors, broadcast journalists, producers, writers, and more*.

*Due to the nature of their work patterns, named staff on programmes are subject to change, and are also dependent on the programme and modules selected for study by the student. For a selection of the tutors who teach across our campuses, please see Our People.

Awarding body: University of West London.

Programme Aims

Understand the basics of narrative storytelling and be familiar with production and postproduction processes.
Understand the business of storytelling across platforms - how these have developed over time; how they impact on the worlds of communication, media, film, and screen enterprise, and how they are likely to change over time, with reference to technological, cultural and social dynamics.
Understand the markets, finance structures, information systems, technology, legal and accounting structures, and socio-political landscape and be able to reference this in the development of your ideas and business plans.
Be able to develop and pitch ideas, proposals, and business plans in response to set briefs both collectively and individually, and to respond to problems and challenges.
Have the skills to inspire teams, co-operate with others, project manage, organise, network, and work collaboratively in creative and business teams.
Understand how to apply different research methods to gather and analyse information and the ethical implications of doing do.
Have relevant practical, business, management and entrepreneurial skills to work entrepreneurially and to secure employment in the film, screen, and creative sectors.

Module Overview

Module Overview

For the complete list of BA Film & Screen Business modules, please download the full course specification below.

Level 4

Tell a Story: Screen Sense: 20 Credits, Core

You will explore history of the creative screen industry, including looking at the different perspectives on storytelling that exist. You will then begin to explore the world of reaching, building, and engaging with your audience, taking into account topics such as risks and ethics.

Tell a Story: Craft Skills: 20 Credits, Core

This module will give you a basic overview of the tools, crafts, techniques, and skills that are needed for screen grammar and different screen formats. You will explore the use of digital video equipment with your storytelling, as well as the impact of directing, camera, sound, editing choices on the final product. As part of this module, you will begin to consider the role and operation of key departments on set.

Tell a Story: Production: 20 Credits, Core

During this module, you will incorporate your learning from the previous modules to make your own coherent production. As part of this, you will find an audience, consider how your choice impacts the filmmaking and storytelling decisions you need to make, and tell them a story.

Change Hearts: Screen Industry: 20 Credits, Core 

This module will begin by considering the history and current business practices of the screen industry. As part of this, you will explore the use of audience studies, research, and project management skills, as well as recognising the importance of budgeting, scheduling, and financial planning. This learning will be combined with an exploration of dramatic storytelling principles.

Introductory Business Skills: 20 Credits, Core

In this module, you will get to know the different business functions in the screen industry, such as the roles required of production managers and business managers. You will come to understand employment, team management, marketing, and sales practices, as well as financial management practices and funding models. Other areas of the business of the screen industry include uses of business planning and project management, market research, segmentation, and analysis.

Change Hearts: Entrepreneur: 20 Credits, Core

During this module, you will incorporate your learning from Level 4 to create a business proposal or produce a production which uses the emotional power of storytelling to change an opinion, attitude, or behaviour.

Level 5

Change Minds: Screen Industry: 20 Credits, Core

You will learn about the history, business practice, content, and technology commonly used in the screen industry. This includes audience aggregation and targeting, and verbal or digital promotion methods. You will explore how different types of research can be used and applied to the industry, as well as the visibility of commercial ideas and concepts that portray brands and express an identity.

Business Management: 20 Credits, Core

Learn about intellectual property and copyright. You will learn about legal and ethical requirements, codes of practice and documentation, producing budgets, and other financial resourcing projections. As part of this, you will explore how to create and manage marketing and sales plans, and how you can create copy to market and support productions.

Change Minds: Entrepreneur: 20 Credits, Core

In this module, you will deploy project management, financial, marketing and technical skills by researching and creating a business plan or producing a piece of advertising or branded content designed to alter consumer opinion and behaviour.

Entertain Me: Screen Industry: 20 Credits, Core

You will look at the evolution of industries and audience relationships, including how these go together with key storytelling conventions and dramatic principles. You will also look at commissioning, funding, project management, and distribution across platforms and territories, and secondly, the resolution of problems through the use of resources and outside research, including a variety of methods.

Production and Project Management: 20 Credits, Core

During this module, you will work on planning, selecting, and procuring both resources and people. This includes organising, supporting and managing teams, including communication and quality of work, as well as the planning and managing of production operations, schedules, and expenditures.

Entertain Me: Entrepreneur: 20 Credits, Core

In this module, you will incorporate your learning from Level 5 and use different methods of research, business, and project management skills and industry awareness in the production of a short film, TV pilot or feature film excerpt or trailer or the building of a comprehensive pitch deck and business plan for a film or television series.

Level 6

Becoming Influential: Screen Industry: 20 Credits, Core

Delve into the creative forces, democratic business practices, and economic drivers of the screen industry through the example of webisodic story production and delivery. This will include an exploration of a sustainable vehicle for audience connectivity, loyalty, and brand communication, allowing for further discussion around new business opportunities of evolving production and distribution technologies.

Strategic Business Thinking: 20 Credits, Core

In this module, you will consider entrepreneurial and strategic management principles in the screen industry, including: growth policies and change, sustainable business models and ethical research, audience development and sustainability, and securing finance. As part of this, you will begin to explore the impact of business and production activities on both society and the environment.

Become Influential: Entrepreneur: 20 Credits, Core

In this module, you will use strategic management principles, business techniques, entrepreneurial skills and organisational and management skills in relation to the production of and/or planning and distribution of a new or innovative digital project for TV or online platform which could build an audience or achieve long-term viability.

Be an Entrepreneur: Screen Industry: 20 Credits, Core

Begin to explore your own autonomy, independent thinking, and entrepreneurism through the design and development of a concept-driven project, business plan, or venture. This will include reliance on previous learning such as advanced communication, independent and collaborative working, and a high-level knowledge of audience engagement and research skills (both qualitative and quantitative).

Be Entrepreneurial: Project: 40 Credits, Core

Integrate a wide range of key business, strategic management, communication, leadership, team-work and production skills to research plan/schedule, finance, produce and/or distribute a graduation project using original research. This project aims to successfully meets creative and strategic objectives, maximises (potential) audience engagement, responds to opportunities and meets the requirements of intended screen platforms, evaluate achievement of creative intentions, team objectives, professional practice standards, and preparation for employment.

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

We include a diverse range of teaching methods which include:

  • seminars in smaller groups;
  • small group tutorials;
  • practical group work;
  • formative feedback through critiques/screening and reflective sessions;
  • skills Labs – a reflection of ‘real world’ experiences; and
  • enhancement activities.

We use a wide range of assessment which include portfolios, performances, research, presentations, and reflective work. Please download the Course Specification below for more information.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Find out more about the Entry Requirements for our BA Film & Screen Business undergraduate programme.

Entry Requirements for London

  • UCAS Tariff: 96 points
  • A-Level: CCC
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma: MMM
  • GCSE Maths & English: A*-C/9-4 or Level 2 Equivalents

UK applicants need to apply through UCAS using codes:

  • Course code: W3N2
  • Institution code: M73
  • Campus name: Met Film School – London (Campus Code is L)

International students who require a VISA to study in the UK are unfortunately not eligible to apply for this course. However, MetFilm School courses are open to all students who meet the relevant language and admissions requirements; please do get in touch with our admissions team who will be able to advise you on your application.

Equipment Requirements

For more information, please check Equipment in the Study with Us section for your chosen course, and the Location sections for the range of Equipment and Learning Resources available on each of our campuses.

Application Information

For more information on BA Film and Screen Business entry requirements, language requirements, funding, and the application process please visit: