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Why MetFilm School? Introducing MetFilm Futures

By Elise Czyzowska

09 January 2023

During their time at MetFilm School, our students are constantly in contact with MetFilm Futures – and for many, this does not end at graduation. As our dedicated careers advice department, MetFilm Futures is focused on supporting both students and graduates at the School, and in ensuring that they develop the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

MetFilm Futures ensures that our students and graduates have access to meaningful work opportunities while they are studying, and access to the best introductions into industry when they graduate.

Bespoke career sessions with industry professionals help to elevate our students CV’s and career planning, to help ensure they get the best possible start to their journey into the creative industries.

Sarah WinstanleyHead of MetFilm Futures

In today’s blog, we’re covering the key areas of MetFilm Futures…

Career Support

Through MetFilm Futures, career support comes in many shapes and forms. Students have access to daily one-to-one career surgeries, where they can learn more about the basics of career planning, building their CVs, and looking for jobs in the industry.

Support is also available in a group setting through the form of workshops, which can range from craft-specific deep dives (such as this one run by cinematographer Tunji Akinsehinwa), to more general overviews meant to advise students on their career paths, and on the options available to them after their degrees.

Alongside these career surgeries and workshops, festival support is also available to the many students who see their projects selected for festivals (across the globe!). Through this specific support, our team helps students to navigate the film festival circuit, as well as more generally commercial platforms, allowing them to focus on propelling their films into the world, and on maximising their impact.

Tunji Akinsehinwa’s lighting workshop…

Networking & Screenings

I’ve met so many friends here, so many amazing people to collaborate and create with. Finding likeminded people whose talents I sincerely admire is the greatest takeaway from film school.

Anna CottrillBA Practical Filmmaking Graduate

As Anna summarises, one of the highlights of film school is finding your own team of collaborators – people who you trust, and also who you enjoy working with. MetFilm Futures emphasises the importance of this through numerous networking opportunities throughout the year.

Film screenings are run most Thursday evenings at our London and Berlin campuses, often connecting month-long programmes under themes, such as LGBTQ+ films during Pride Month. While coming together to quietly watch a film might not seem like ‘networking’ at first glance, it gives our students time and space to discuss their craft with one another – a valuable experience.

More direct networking opportunities arise from our Student Mixers. In the past, such events have included campus holiday parties, international student mixers, and collaborations with organisations such as The Kusp, who are dedicated to levelling the playing field in the fashion, film, and television industries.

Co-directors Max Mir and Matthew Poole collaborated with BA & MA students across courses in their winning projects for the Straight 8 and 48 Hour Film Competitions…


One of the better-known aspects of MetFilm Futures is, of course, our Masterclasses, where we invite high-profile guests from across the industry to discuss their work, current issues, and changes within the screen industries.

In 2022, we saw both virtual and in-person visits from the likes of award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist Sahar Zand, BAFTA-winner Adeel Akhtar, and through our series in partnership with the British Film Institute, sessions with screenwriter Jeremy Ojo, costume designer Jill Taylor, and casting director Andy Brierley.

During these sessions, students have the opportunity to hear from the people that are paving the way for industry change – whether in the world of production, acting, directing, or even across multiple crafts (such as with showrunner Anna Winger). At the end of each Masterclass, our host opens the floor for a Q&A session, allowing students to come forward with more specific questions about their own career paths – or about the speaker’s own career.

You can explore past MetFilm School Masterclasses here.