Met Film School – Access Statement

MetFilm School’s Inclusive Culture

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of smart screen creatives; to ensure the success of all of our students by offering the best possible learning environment, and to widen access to our programmes in whatever way we can.

We are committed to providing and supporting an environment that promotes and develops equality of opportunity for all students and staff. We seek to continually improve our standards across the student lifecycle encompassing access and admission; support and progression; and graduate employability and entrepreneurship. 

Young actors

Widening Access: Choice and Support

MetFilm School offers a broad range of part-time, weekend, and short courses which are attended by a diverse range of students from across the UK, including many from under-represented groups. We are proud of the high number of students who progress from these courses to other MetFilm School courses, including our accredited programmes.

Our academic selection criteria are deliberately pitched at an accessible level as we see academic achievement as only one of many windows into applicants’ suitability for our programmes. We look also for evidence of aptitude to a career in the screen industries, willingness and openness to learn, and the tenacity to navigate our immersive and practical programmes.

Our 2 year accelerated BA (Hons) programme allows students to complete their learning more quickly, in either London or Berlin, so that they save on living expenses and start earning more quickly. In London we also offer an option to take the programme over three years which works better for some students for whom the longer breaks offer an opportunity to earn money, travel, or rest. We are also supportive of students taking learning breaks when we consider this advantageous for the students learning or professional development.

Our strategic plan is driven by the lens of accessibility. We want to make our programmes more accessible to people transcending boundaries created by affordability and geography and creating more flexible access to our learning environment. This principal has driven, for example, the development of our postgraduate provision, our six-month programmes, and the opening of our campus in Berlin. 

We have a discretionary bursary provision which is made available on an exceptional basis to support students who would otherwise not be able to undertake our programmes, and a limited number of partial and full ride scholarships through our Voices that Matter programme.

Supporting Learning

Our pre-induction programmes run for six weeks prior to induction on campus, offering students an opportunity to prepare for the programme, learn study skills, and get to know their fellow students. It is one of many provisions we have built into our pedagogical approach to support students in their learning journey.

Our programmes are immersive and students have ample opportunity to engage with tutors and staff both within the curriculum and around it.

Our programmes meet the learning needs of a broad spectrum of students with a variety of large group and small group tuition and individual support; workshops, exercises and seminars; and a range of approaches to assessment.

Employability and Entrepreneurship

Met Film School programmes seek to prepare students to be both employable and entrepreneurial. This ethos is underlined and enhanced by MetGO, our graduate opportunities programme, which interweaves industry practice into and around our programmes and offers real work opportunities to our graduates. We are enormously proud of the 82% of our graduates who go on to work in freelance or permanent roles within the creative industries, and of the success stories of our graduates.