Our London campus is based within the famous Ealing Studios complex, home of renowned Ealing Comedies like The Ladykillers and Passport to Pimlico, and also recent films such as The Theory of Everything, Burnt, The Imitation Game and ITV hit series Downton Abbey, among many others.

Ealing Studios is also home to Andy Serkis’ Imaginarium, the global leader in motion capture technology associated with films like King Kong, Animal Farm and The Jungle Book. Students regularly work with The Imaginarium both in front of and behind their famous motion capture cameras.


Production Services

Our advisors and production facilities team offers a range of camera, lighting and sound equipment to support student projects. Experienced industry tutors and advisors help students select the most appropriate resources across a range of platforms, including film, television and new media.



Students on accredited courses, as well as some short courses, receive training on the Sony Z90 and Sony FS7. We also offer larger sensor cameras, such as the Arri Alexa Mini to some courses. A range of grip equipment, including flatbed dollies, is available for all our students.

Lighting & Sound

Our range of lighting equipment is suitable for three-point lighting and more advanced lighting techniques. These include 300w, 650w, 800w, 1k and 2k Fresnel lights, Dedo lights, Flo lights as well as Sokani x60 and Sokani x60 RGB. We also have C-stands, magic arms, flag kits, net kits, polyboards and trace frames.

Our sound equipment includes: Rode NTG3 Shotgun mic kits with boom poles, plus Sound Device mixers, Sennheiser Radio mics and external Zoom and Tascam sound recorders.


Our state of the art grading theatres provide a fantastic platform for the creative process, all coupled with the colour confidence of our Truelight and THX cineSpace colour calibration systems. The Avid and FCP suites together with our Nuke and After Effects suites, allow us to conform, effect and finish to the highest standard.

Sound editing, recording and mixing up to theatrical film specification can be accomplished in our Protools HD 5.1 ICON suite.

We run 2 grading theatres fitted with high gamut digital projectors. The suites also have access to Sony Grade 1 CRT monitors and high-end LCD panels to allow total confidence in colour for theatrical and broadcast release.