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MetFilm School London Undergraduate Open Day

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Celebrating the launch of MetFilm School’s Learning Space

By Elise Czyzowska

05 May 2022

Last night, students and staff came together at our Ealing Studios campus to celebrate the opening of MetFilm School’s new Learning Space. Highly anticipated, this space has been designed to provide the resources students need to work, collaborate, and feel inspired.

Whether you’re looking to chat with friends about an upcoming project, or you’re trying to find niche information about a topic, genre, or film period, the Learning Space has got you covered. With plenty of magazines, books, and DVDs for students to peruse (on top of endless online resources), the space has also been furnished with places to lounge and, with the help of our iMac station, get inspired!

The Learning Space will also be home to study sessions and training, where students can learn core skills such as essay citation and referencing. If you have a suggestion of resources or training that would help you in your studies, get in contact with our Learning Space Officer, Karolina.


The lowdown…

  • Where? MetFilm School’s Learning Space can be found on the 2nd floor of A Block at our Ealing Studios campus.
  • When? If our Ealing campus is open, so is the Learning Space!
  • Who? The Learning Space is based at our London campus. Students from MetFilm School Berlin and Leeds can access the digital resources and support from our Learning Space Officer, Karolina
  • Why? Our students told us they wanted a space on campus where they could put their head down and work, or meet with friends to collaborate – that’s the purpose behind this space.

Not only is the Learning Space a great way to collaborate with friends, but the thoughtful design of the space means that it’s a piece of inspiration in and of itself. To create the perfect, productive atmosphere, MetFilm School worked with Space-pod, and together we came up with different themes to define each area of the space, from tube carriages, all the way to New York City apartment blocks!

As Jonny Persey, Director of MetFilm School, said at the opening event:

‘This space represents several important themes in our story as an organisation. The Learning Space is a digital resource, open to all our students, across all four campuses, as well as a well-designed, comfortable physical space, conducive to learning, meeting, and collaborating.

In design terms, it’s an exemplar of how we are building new spaces in all of our campuses that enhance our students’ experience, built in response to student feedback, in consultation with staff and students, and by a professional team (thankyou to Space Pod) dedicated to creating spaces which work for their users.’


Meet our Learning Space Officer, Karolina

Already getting stuck into cataloguing the resources available in the Learning Space, we are thrilled to welcome Karolina to the MetFilm School community. Working as our Learning Space Officer, Karolina can be found in the space from Monday to Friday, ready to answer any student questions. Karolina will also be responsible for organising the many student events that the Learning Space will host – make sure you never miss an update by following the official Instagram.

A couple of words from Karolina…

‘Hi! I’m Karolina! My background is as a teacher and a researcher in Film Studies, as well as in public libraries, so combining these two passions, I’m here to facilitate MetFilm School students’ learning experiences at the Learning Space.

Need some help researching or getting inspiration, or finding the reading for a module? Then I’ll be on hand, from Monday to Friday, both in person and online. I’ll be helping students from all three of our campuses to navigate both our physical resources, and also the huge number of digital resources at their fingertips.’

MetFilm School Director Jonny Persey chatting with students at last night’s launch