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Winners revealed at MetFilm School Smart Screen Creative Awards 2019

By Danny Kelly

02 December 2019

On Wednesday 27th November, we once again celebrated the work of our students past and present, at the Smart Screen Creative Awards 2019, the fourth year of these awards.

Students from MetFilm School London, Berlin, and ScreenSpace, their friends and family, industry guests, staff and tutors gathered once again at the Ham Yard Hotel for a prestigious ceremony hosted by radio and television presenter Nikki Bedi.

This year’s Awards showcased the variety of the School’s provision, with nominees from all course areas including BA, MA, short course and ScreenSpace from London and Berlin. Over 170 guests attended the big night, sponsored by our kit partners, Procam and Take 2, to celebrate the winning projects across six categories including a new category for 2019: Technical Excellence.


Smart Screen Creative Awards 2019 winners

Here are the Smart Screen Creative Awards 2019 winners and snippets of our judges’ speeches on the night…


WINNER: Swim for West Papua” – submitted by Joel Evans (MA Producing)

Judge: Jo Strevens, Executive Producer, Carnival Films: “I was completely blown away by the quality of the work. ‘Swim for West Papua’ provided incredible insight into something that isn’t reported enough. Beautifully executed. What an amazing achievement. I highly recommend everyone to see it.”

Technical Excellence

WINNER: “DivARTsity” – submitted by Loke Yee Lai (MA Film and Television Production)

Judge: David Sheldon-Hicks, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director, Territory Studio: “This was quite a challenge to judge. The unexpected nature of the technical talent in DivARTsity surprised me. I ended up speaking to a lot of people and we came to the conclusion that it was the technical skillset where they challenged themselves and that made it the winner for us.”


WINNER: “Six Grand Under” – submitted by Thomas Attwood (MA Directing)

Judge: Philippa Goslett, Writer (Mary Magdalene, Little Ashes): “All three films were outstanding. These are supposed to be emerging filmmakers, but to me, these felt bold and deeply cinematic. They were exploring issues that stayed with me for a long time, and the winning film opened my eyes to a subject that I had no idea of previously. It really made me look at the world in a different way by creating a dramatic narrative that was beautifully structured and beautifully written.”


WINNER: “Florence” – submitted by Florian Thess (MA Directing)

Judge: Zai Bennett, Managing Director of Content, Sky UK: “Such an impressive array of work. Florence is simultaneously chilling and emotional, very well written and directed, and the pallet and tone fitted the script like a hand in glove. Move over Charlie Brooker!”


WINNER: “Nun the Wiser” – submitted by Mikolaj Wasowski (BA Practical Filmmaking)

Judge: Lucy Banks, Head of Content Solutions, EMEA, Google: “The world of film has changed, and you now have so much more power now in terms of owning your work, so I think this is a really important category. These projects demonstrated very different techniques, with people really understanding the levers they can pull to take charge of their own destiny in terms of commercial success, such as the use of social media, screening at comedy clubs and crowdfunding.”

Creative Excellence

WINNER: “On the Clyde” – submitted by Sydonie Calvert (BA Practical Filmmaking)

“Not only a source of great pride and a fixture in the MFS calendar that we now look forward to for a long time each year, the Smart Screen Creative Awards are a fabulous celebration of our students and our graduates, and an inspiring event for all. This year there was representation amongst the nominees from London and Berlin, BA and MA, accredited and non-accredited courses – and a good diverse range of students and work – all of it incredibly good. I want to express my huge appreciation and respect to everyone who has contributed to the success of the winners, the nominees, the 150 or so strong projects that didn’t quite make the cut, and indeed to our 12,000 graduates over the years.” Jonny Persey, Director , MetFilm School