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The importance of studying screen arts with Sarah Rowlands

By Cassio

14 August 2015

Ditching and devaluing ‘soft’ subjects puts creative arts in jeopardy, warns our Director of Undergraduate Programmes, Sarah Rowlands.

In this article for Times Higher Education, Sarah Rowlands stresses the folly of schools focusing only on ‘facilitating subjects’ and not creatives subjects including Media and Film studies.

Students tend to discover their passion for creative arts from a young age, and their talents need to be nurtured in a different way,” she notes, “these students are motivated by practical, hands-on engagement rather than a purely theoretical approach to learning.

Sarah Rowlands

Sarah goes on to highlight the impact of student employability within the creative industries, with graduates from practical screen arts programmes finding both freelance and permanent positions post-study: “Creative arts students are no less able than those taking traditional subjects, and far from being “soft” the creative industries are worth £76.9 billion per year to the UK economy.

At MetFilm School, 82% of graduates have gone on to work in the creative industries (July 2015 statistic) and many state that employers were excited by their practical and professional approach to the screen arts.  To find out more about our Undergraduate courses click here.

To read the article in full, click here.

Watch our graduate showcase below to find out more about what could be waiting for you post-graduation…

Watch our graduate showcase to find out what could be waiting for you post-graduation…