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MetFilm School partners with Soundsnap

By Elise Czyzowska

09 December 2022

MetFilm School are happy to share our new partnership with Soundsnap, a professional online sound and stock music library. Through Soundsnap, students across all campuses can now access a large online library of music to use in their School and personal projects.

First launched in 2007 by Anastasios Frantzolas, Soundsnap is used by professional filmmakers, app designers, and hobbyists alike, with a catalogue of over 460,000 professionally recorded or designed effects and music loops.

With their library boasting music from the producers of Kehlani, Katy Perry, and Polo G, they have worked with companies including Netflix, VICE, Apple, and HBO. Soundsnap SFX have also been used by sound designers on blockbuster films, including TenetBlack Swan, and Baby Driver.

I am thrilled that MetFilm School has partnered with Soundsnap, the world’s most widely used sound effects platform. Good sound is vital, because it helps to reflect the physical reality of scenes, and to immerse audiences into the world they are viewing.

Our students will benefit greatly now that they can enhance their projects using Soundsnap’s premium quality, royalty-free sound effects and music – and this comes at a particularly beneficial time, coinciding with the renovation of our London campus sound suites.

I can’t wait to see (and hear) the results.

Mike SinnottMetFilm School COO

Why Soundsnap?

One of the biggest benefits of Soundsnap for our students is the ability to pick sound effects and music that suits their projects, all without the worry of usage rights. All content on the site is covered by the same license, which includes use on YouTube, Instagram, Broadcast, Advertising, and in both television and film. Without having to spend time researching which licenses they need, or where they are or are not allowed to upload their projects, students can instead focus on bringing their ideas to life.

William Lundahl, BA Practical Filmmaking graduate from our Berlin campus, and Production Sound Mixer at Pinewood Studios, shared the importance of a film’s sound in a blog earlier this year, explaining that ‘sound is 60% of a film, and unfortunately, that is something most directors find out during editing’. MA Post Production graduate Serene Adel Allen also spoke about the importance of good sound design:

So much of making a good film is influenced by the sound. If the sound quality is poor, or if something doesn’t fit audibly, it can completely take you out of the film, whereas when the sound design is good, it really increases the production value.

Similar to how different shots edited together can evoke specific emotions or create reactions, I enjoy that sound can do the same, making the final production even more powerful.

Serene Adel AllenMA Post Production Graduate

Our upgraded sound suites at MetFilm School London

Our Industry Partners

Soundsnap are just one of MetFilm School’s industry partners, all of which enable us to provide our students with a high-standard, practical education in their chosen area or craft. Our partners also include the British Film Institute, with BFI Player available to all BA and MA students at our London and Leeds (while our Berlin students have access to MUBI), and Adobe, providing the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite to our students.

Soundsnap is deeply invested in education, offering free subscriptions to teachers, students, and nonprofits who apply.

Both Soundsnap’s music and sound effects are completely royalty-free, and can by synced in any kind of media in perpetuity, so it is naturally an ideal tool for students who are just getting started in the content creation field.

Douglas BleggiSoundsnap