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MetFilm School London Summer Open Day

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Celebrating the very first ScreenSpace graduates

By Rosie Togher

03 September 2021

ScreenSpace at MetFilm School London launched in 2017 and welcomed its very first students onto the BA Content, Media and Film Production course in September 2018. By the following September, we were welcoming double the numbers of new students to the course as the inaugural class moved into their second year.  

Now in Summer 2021, we look forward to welcoming our fourth cohort of new students to the BA Content, Media & Film Production course, who will be joined by the very first students on the BA Film and Screen Business course. First though, we thought we’d take a minute to celebrate our very first ScreenSpace gradates.  

Here are four of our first BA Content, Media and Film Production graduates – Katie BaxterRizwan ShebaniDonna Smith and Antonica Thomas-Dumont – on their time at ScreenSpace… 

On the School

Katie: My time studying with ScreenSpace at MetFilm School London has really allowed me to develop my skills to a high standard and has shaped me into the person I am today. I was guided when I needed to be pushed and I’m so grateful for that. 

Rizwan: My time on the course has been a mission to space… it seemed impossible at the start but with a great bunch of people, we pulled it off!  

Antonica: My time at ScreenSpace has been challenging, educating, enlightening and progressive. I soaked up every lecture and learnt a lot. 

Donna: I came back to study as a mature student, with background experience working within the creative industry. When I first attended ScreenSpace at MetFilm School London, I was overwhelmed because I had never touched a camera before, had never heard of a shot list or mood board, and was terrified at the thought of even editing after attempting many times over the years. 

From a young age, I have always been highly creative and imaginative, however, the course challenged both my technical and creative abilities at all levels. I am proud to say that the course helped me find my passion and I am now enthusiastic about taking steps in becoming a director.

Donna (left) and Antonica (right) getting to grips with smartphone filmmaking in their first semester

On Course Highlights

Katie: My personal highlight would be the production of my graduation project. After a year of not being able to film because of Covid, it was a great high to get back on set and make our project. It definitely helped that I loved the content we were producing too. 

Rizwan: The highlight of the course for me were the tutors; they all had a flair that made them engaging and super interesting.

Donna: The real-life industry briefs and productions. The experience was ‘priceless’. I also enjoyed the remote directing session. I directed and produced a branded content music video for a charity, featuring the Lewis Sisters. 

Antonica: The highlight of the course, has been the course! I have been able to develop my technical understanding, and gain a degree to complement my skillset, experience and creative ideas, whilst having access to those who are working in the industry to bounce my ideas off. 

On Graduating

Katie: I’m very excited to be graduating but it’s also a little daunting! The real world is out there waiting and I just need to get my foot into the industry and really start getting to work. 

Rizwan: I feel great now that I have graduated. I’m really happy with the result.

Donna: The experience of graduating with a First Class Honours feels highly rewarding and empowering – especially being a woman of colour. Graduating has given me the confidence to apply for roles that I would have only dreamt of before.

Antonica: I feel nervous and excited finishing the course. I have graduated with a First Class Honours, so I have huge expectations of myself to keep the good work going. 

Rizwan (centre) in a workshop with ScreenSpace tutor and film director, Prano Bailey-Bond

On the Future

Katie: My plan for the next couple of years is to get some experience in the industry whilst saving to potentially come back to MetFilm School to study MA Cinematography in a year or two.

Rizwan: I’m going to save up get new camera gear and start creating films. I still have awards to win!  

Donna: I am currently in the process, with my team, of re-editing of my final graduation project – a short film called Let’s Dance Again (An Alzheimer’s Story), and plan to raise awareness about the condition. I am also seeking employment opportunities in directing and producing. And at present developing my own series bible about female empowerment. 

Antonica: My plan is to utilise everything I know to develop and find a dream team, and have a sustainable thriving creative career, telling impactful, compelling and exciting stories. Ones that (with my fingers crossed and a lot of hard work) will win awards, create change and inspire others. 

Lisette Johnston: Head of School, ScreenSpace

Our cohort is hugely diverse and it’s fantastic to see them graduating and already making gains in the creative industries; working in Spain, the US, Norway, Cardiff, Bristol and of course in London in a huge range of roles for a variety of companies and agencies. That’s the power of an industry-focused degree.

Our practical and immersive teaching approach means that individuals who might not have considered university study, or would have been prohibited from attending film school due to cost, have been able to take the plunge and the first steps in what we hope will be long and successful careers. The fact some have balanced caring and work responsibilities, have English as a second language, or they are the first person in their family to participate in higher education, further proves that with dedication, passion and hard work, anything is possible. 

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