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MetFilm School London Winter Open Day

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Reshel Shah

BA Practical Filmmaking Programme Leader, MetFilm School London

Reshel is an independent documentary film director and producer based in the UAE. She has worked on a number of fiction, non-fiction feature films and short films in the production department. In 2014 she decided to take the leap as a documentary film director and since then had completed three documentaries that have gone through festival runs, noticed by media and picked up by distribution companies.

When she is not trying to make a documentary film she is working as a senior film lecturer at SAE Dubai. She believes that if a creative has the skills, it is important to guide and share that knowledge with younger generations who have the potential to become great filmmakers. She teaches documentary filmmaking, film studies and film production in the Bachelors of Film programme. She loves meeting new people and being able to tell their stories through the power of film while also making life long memories with them.