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Pushing the industry forward with MetFilm School Dean Katharina Koall

By Danny Kelly

15 October 2021

What a busy and exciting month October is turning out to be! We’ve welcomed new undergraduate and postgraduate students in London and Berlin, launched a brand new campus in Leeds, and we are now thrilled to introduce our newly appointed Dean at MetFilm School, Katharina Koall.

Kat started the role in September and is leading on everything to do with students and learning across all our campuses. Over the last 15-years, she has held various academic roles with UAL, Goldsmiths, UCA, and, most recently, Ravensbourne University, where she was Deputy Dean. At this pivotal moment in MetFilm School’s expansion and growth, we are delighted to have Kat in the team, bringing with her a wealth of experience in leadership, curriculum development, student welfare and governance. 

Originally from Cologne, Kat is an active practitioner with significant experience in the areas of illustration and animation. She runs a London-based design collective working with commercial clients as well as community-based and cultural organisations and is currently directing a documentary with Water Bear Productions.  

Here’s Katharina Koall explaining in her words why she’s excited to join the MetFilm School family…

On what makes MetFilm School unique

“Film is a big part of my professional life, and when I saw the role at MetFilm School advertised – I knew I had to apply.

“I’ve always admired MetFilm School, their hands-on approach to learning… the way they encourage their students to ‘get their cameras out and just do it’ is something I very much support.  

“MetFilm School also has its own sister production company, MetFilm Production, which is unique, and it enables us to show the industry how we are leading the way. We are at a critical moment for higher education and the industry, the traditional university education model is being challenged like never before. Change is imperative for both.”

MetFilm Production’s The Reason I Jump was released in UK cinemas in June 2021, with 19 MetFilm School students and graduates credited – read more

On creating industry-ready graduates

Kat sees MetFilm School and its students as disrupters, she said: “We are responsible for ensuring that our students are ready for the future challenges that the industry will throw at them, that they are ready for jobs that don’t currently exist.

“These future opportunities lead us to consider big questions, how do we build our students’ technical skill sets, expand their critical thinking and ensure that they are flexible enough to face the challenge of the quickly changing industry? 

“We are in a world of post-truth, where opinion and facts are increasingly blurred, so, how do we educate and prepare our students for this, so they are able to create high-quality short and long form content, to tell their stories with confidence.” 

On breaking down barriers

Kat is passionate about equality and diversity and believes that MetFilm School has a wider responsibility, not just to its students but the industry too.  She said: “It’s one thing to look at yourself as an institution and consider how you ensure that you are inclusive and diverse. Representation is important, anti-racist work is important, making sure that we are accessible to people with disabilities is important. But it’s not enough, we must be responsible for pushing the industry forward.

“Part of our role is to disrupt and change the industry, to show our students that they can be a part of this industry, that it’s not just the domain of the straight white male. 

“It’s a big job. All big changes start small, and we will continue to break down barriers, to show the industry how the world is changing. We have to be our students’ advocates, to show them that studying here isn’t just a ‘thank you, good luck, see you later’ experience. We’re in this together and it’s our job to push, to shout from the rooftops and to help the industry make space for our students.  

A final word from MetFilm Director, Jonny Persey…

“We are thrilled to welcome Kat. When we started looking for a Dean, we were looking for someone who shared our values and understood our unique approach to pedagogy and industry, who has substantial experience in Higher Education, and who could work with us to deliver on our vision. In Kat, we believe we have found all that in abundance, and we welcome her wholeheartedly into the MetFilm School family.” 

Katharina Koall is the Dean for all MetFilm School campuses in London, Berlin and Leeds. 

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