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MetFilm School and Vancouver Film School launch accelerated MA pathway partnership

By Giuseppe Bruni

20 May 2020

Renowned creative institutions team up to offer innovative degree completion paths in Canada and Europe, delivering global industry-ready graduates in as few as two years.

Announcement Highlights

MetFilm School has partnered with Vancouver Film School (VFS) to offer an exclusive accelerated pathway programme that will enable VFS students to obtain both a VFS industry diploma and a master’s degree in as little as two years of full-time study.

After completing any of VFS’s advanced production diplomas, pathway students can choose to study at either MetFilm School’s London or Berlin campuses and finish their master’s in one year, meaning students can obtain both a VFS advanced production diploma and a MetFilm School master’s degree in as few as two years of full-time study.

All MetFilm School masters course are available for this pathway: Directing (London or Berlin), Screenwriting (London), Producing (London), Cinematography (London or Berlin), Postproduction (London), Documentary & Factual (Berlin), and Film and Television Production (London).

Pathway students will be immersed in British Columbia’s thriving creative industries while attending VFS, and obtain international production experience while studying at MetFilm School in London or Berlin.

Graduating students are also eligible to apply for post-graduation work permits in the UK. Once they have completed their studies.

“This educational partnership delivers graduate programs that harness VFS and MetFilm School’s collective assets, studio resources, and professional industry networks, offering global advantages for students who will be studying in two international cities and production centres. Scott Steiger, Director of International Admissions and Business Development, Vancouver Film School.

“This new relationship between MetFilm School and VFS represents our shared pedagogical ethos, our emphasis on practical and industry-based teachings, and our desire to work more closely in training new generations for the global creative industries.

We have over the years seen many students from VFS continue their studies on our post-graduate courses and have always been impressed by their passion and energy to tell stories that matter; we also know of students who have moved to VFS to engage in further training. This partnership now reflects our shared goal of continuing these opportunities for our students and connecting our schools together.” Jonny Persey, Director, MetFilm School.

About Vancouver Film School

In 1987, Vancouver Film School introduced the world’s first true immersion film program. Today, VFS is Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution, offering an immersive curriculum in film, animation, video game production, VR/AR development, motion and interactive design, programming, art/production foundation, and other related programs. VFS is known for providing high-quality education in accelerated timeframes. VFS alumni are consistently credited on the most successful products in the entertainment economies.

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