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MetFilm School London Summer Open Day

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Krystine Formon

Head of Marketing and Communications, MetFilm School

Krystine is the Head of Marketing and Communications at MetFilm School, overseeing the School’s extensive portfolio, including public relations, website management, printed publications, digital marketing, and student recruitment.

With over eight years experience in the education sector, both in private and Higher Education institutions, she has a passion for raising institutions’ brand profiles and helping students discover their ideal educational path.

Krystine is a graduate of Brunel University, holding both a BSc in Communications and Media Studies, and MSc in Marketing.

In her free time, Krystine continues to explore her passion for the arts, and enjoys immersing herself in the world of storytelling. She is an actor and writer, with short films that have made waves in the festival circuit, including a notable appearance at Sundance Film Festival.