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MA Graduate Brando Brandolini attends Cannes as Videographer

By Elise Czyzowska

22 June 2023

Since graduating from MA Documentary & Factual at MetFilm School Berlin, Brando Brandolini began a Film & Television Journalism internship at Onepress TV. Three months into his time at the company, he got the opportunity to join the team at this year’s Cannes Film Festival as a videographer.

From capturing live film conferences with Wes Anderson and Martin Scorsese, to star-studded red carpets premieres, Brando spoke to us about how his time at Cannes reignited his passion for the industry, and how the experience has made him a better filmmaker…

What first drew you to your internship at Onepress TV?

It was primarily a stroke of luck! During my search for opportunities in film and media production, I stumbled across a posting for an internship in Film & Television Journalism at Onepress TV, and while it wasn’t exactly the job I had envisioned for myself, I saw it as a great chance to get up close with the world of film production.

I began the internship in February, managing social media platforms, writing blogs, and more, and as a result of my dedication and hard work, my boss invited me to join him at Cannes Film Festival!

This internship has helped me to immerse myself in the heart of the industry, and has really rekindled my passion for pursuing film and documentary production. Despite the challenges of breaking into this world, I’ve realised that with perseverance, and from actively seeking opportunities, it is indeed possible.

Joining the Onepress TV team at Cannes, what were your responsibilities?

As an intern, I found myself taking on various roles, and becoming an all-round expert – which can, at times, be overwhelming!

Primarily, though, my role was as a videographer, capturing footage of conferences and red carpet premieres. I also continued to write articles, and share content across social media – while it was a challenge to juggle these tasks, the experience provided me a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in multiple aspects of film and television journalism.

One of Brando Brandolini’s videos for Onepress TV…

Can you share any tips for shooting footage at live events?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to ensure that all your equipment is prepared and fully functional – from checking batteries are fully charged, to verifying your sound set-up is correct. Alongside this, another tip is to arrive early, giving yourself ample time to set up your equipment, anticipate any challenges, and familiarise yourself with the event.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not a bad thing to ask for help. I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness and willingness of other videographers to lend a hand when I encountered challenges – don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed, as more experienced individuals are often willing to support you.

Finally, develop a collaborative mindset. As a newcomer to this field, I was constantly asking questions – and in return, offering my own assistance to others. This collaborative approach fosters a supportive, positive environment.

While filming the festival conferences, you must have heard some great advice. What were your top takeaways from the events?

One particularly impactful piece of advice came from Wes Anderson, who mentioned the importance of hands-on experience. According to him, the best way to learn and grow as a filmmaker is by actively engaging in the filmmaking itself – consistently creating and refining one’s own work, and developing a distinct style and storytelling approach.

Another valuable insight came from Martin Scorsese, who spoke about the virtue of patience and problem-solving in filmmaking. He emphasised that the filmmaking journey is often filled with challenges and crises – during these moments of adversity, you need to persevere, maintain your focus, and concentrate on the core message of the story.

Answering the big questions with Wes Anderson – Do you believe in aliens?

How do you think your MA Documentary & Factual degree has helped you with your internship?

Throughout my studies, I immersed myself in various practical aspects of filmmaking – from mastering camera operation and editing techniques, to the nuances of lighting and the art of storytelling. It was a comprehensive and immersive experience which prepared me to navigate the complexities of the non-fiction film world.

It also really underscored the value of collaboration. Working alongside a diverse group of passionate classmates and professionals from different disciplines, I witnessed the true power of collective storytelling. These experiences were the most exhilarating moments of my time at the School, igniting a sense of creative synergy and broadening my understanding of the filmmaking process.

Finally, what would be your one standout memory from Cannes 2023?

One standout memory – and an extraordinary experience – was witnessing the red carpet premiere of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Time. As the cast emerged from the screening, the iconic soundtrack filled the air, and the sight of Harrison Ford descending the steps sent shivers down my spine.

It reminded me of cinema’s ability to transport us to different worlds. That moment really humanised the celebrities for me – I realised that behind the fame and the glamour, they are just people, doing their jobs. And yet, to the audience, they hold a special place.

The whole thing really reaffirmed the profound impact of cinema in shaping our aspirations, and reminding us of the power of storytelling.