Acting Courses

Acting Courses

If are you passionate about performing arts and looking to get a head start into working as an actor for film and TV, check out MetFilm School’s acting classes, including weekend, part-time and full-time courses. 


At MetFilm School, you learn by doing. From the very first day, you’ll start acting in front of a camera. You’ll work with directors and participate in multiple exercises which will help you improve confidence and deliver an authentic performance on-screen.


Our tutors are professional actors who’ve worked across a variety of industries, from TV commercials to big Hollywood productions. Everything they teach is first-hand creative experience and real-life industry insight.

Cutting Edge

All acting courses at MetFilm School focus on the latest industry trends and techniques, improving your chances to secure employment. Some of our longer courses, for example, Six-Month Acting for Film, cover areas such as combat movement and motion capture which are increasingly in demand in today’s market.