At Met Film School we are immensely proud of our diverse, talented and proactive community of students both old and new. 82% of our BA graduates have secured industry roles in a wide variation of roles including VFX artists, Directors , Producers, Cinematographers, Distributors, Programmers, Production Assistants, and Film Critics, working for high-profile media organisations such as the BBC, Universal, HBO, Disney, and MTV. Equally, many of our students create innovative and original pieces of work independently, with their unique visual content picking up prizes at competitive competitions across the globe.

On this page, you will learn more about Met Film School, its students, and their achievements and opinions about our school. You can read student reviews of our different courses and their experience with Met Film School.

You will also have the opportunity to know more about our student’s success stories. It will give you an insight of what they have done and what are they doing after their time with Met Film School. You will see different students working in different industries of the content business and how they are progressing in their careers.

On the student work section, you will be able to see content that was created by our students to clients and personal course projects.