Our Mission, Values & Student Charter

Our Mission, Values & Student Charter

Educational excellence and deep links into industry

Since launch in 2003 MetFilm has been committed to educational excellence and deep links into industry. To date we have educated over 9,000 students and 82% of students on courses of six months or longer are working in the creative industries. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of creative screen professionals, educating them in the new world of story-telling across multiple devices. By putting industry at the heart of everything we do, MetFilm School best equips its graduates for successful careers. Our goal is to build the greatest school of its type in the world, allowing students to pass seamlessly into work, using our experience to help businesses adapt and change in the ever-changing multichannel world.

MetFilm School’s mission as an educational institution is to provide students with a practical, high-quality learning experience grounded in professional industry practice and preparation.

Through our course provision we equip students with the knowledge, skills and mindset to prepare them for successful careers within the screen industries.

We seek to foster an inclusive environment in which creative, mature, focused, and considerate individuals are valued as members of a dynamic community. We believe collaboration is the bedrock of professional practice that is reflected across the creative screen industries, and students are required to treat each other with respect and to work together in a professional manner.

Our aim is to support student learning and personal development actively, respecting the rights and dignity of others, within an atmosphere that encourages creativity, intellectual rigor and freedom of expression.

We want our students to demonstrate an open-mindedness that fuels innovation, and a passion that drives them to excellence in everything they do.

Unique Educational Approach

MetFilm School has taken the lead in education for all screens by bringing learning into an industry setting, whilst encouraging aspirational storytelling. MetFilm School’s goal is to select students with the passion and tenacity to succeed in the creative industries, and to prepare them for the world of production into which they actually progress, from big screen to small. Students are imbued with passion and pragmatism, and their education is complemented with:

  • Location in an inspirational working studio with historic and contemporary significance
  • Inspirational role model tutors whom are industry practitioners
  • A curriculum that ranges from social video, branded content, to television and feature film development
  • An innovative graduate opportunity programme

Our Values

MetFilm School is committed to the values of equality, diversity, fairness, academic and personal integrity, collegiality, ethical behaviour, and welfare of individuals within the MetFilm School community.

To achieve these values, we call upon students and staff to carry out their activities in an environment of mutual respect, inclusion, professional practice, and a positive attitude towards work.

MetFilm School is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for students and staff from all backgrounds, and nurturing an environment which is free from discrimination on the basis of race, disability, gender, age, religion, belief, sexual orientation, or gender reassignment.

To foster a stimulating, exciting and rewarding environment, the School has established a clear set of expectations for students and staff.


We live what we teach and lead by example.

Deep Practice:

A curriculum built on industry practice, reflection, and enterprise.

Developing Attitude and Voice:

Educating professional creatives and creative professionals.

Driving Entrepreneurialism and Employability:

Generating graduates who are smart screen creatives equally at home in creating content for the big screen or the mobile phone.


We want and expect our graduates to succeed in industry, and they do.

Our Student Charter

What you can expect from MetFilm School

You can expect MetFilm School to:

Provide accurate information on all aspects of your student experience and equip you with appropriate and relevant information regarding the School’s services and support available to you

Support you effectively through all stages of your engagement with the School from initial enquiry through to the completion of your studies and beyond

Work with you to develop your career aspirations and strategies towards employment • Provide a creatively and intellectually inspiring, safe and friendly learning environment

Help you identify and set your individual learning goals and expectations;

Provide clear information about the various forms of feedback you will receive on your individual progress at the School

Offer regular opportunities for you to provide feedback on your student experience;

Ensure you are kept fully informed of any changes to your study and/or support

Actively seek your participation in the School’s governance and decision making processes

Ensure student views are taken into account and provide appropriate support and training to elected student representative

Treat you with fairness, respect and dignity as an individual at all times.

What we expect from you:

We expect you to:

Actively engage in your studies, submit your assignments on time and ask for help when you need it

Behave in a responsible manner, treating staff, fellow students and visitors with dignity and respect

Uphold the School’s reputation by adhering to the rules, regulations and conduct codes

Make effective and safe use of all facilities that the School provides to support your learning

Take responsibility for your own personal development, utilizing the various formal and informal support mechanisms within the School

Be familiar with student information available (in print and online) related to your course, academic policies, and assignment deadlines

Participate actively in the School’s student representative system

Seek informal resolution wherever possible for any disagreements or complaints with the School

Work hard and manage your time effectively

Foster an environment of inclusion, open mindedness and respect for different backgrounds, experiences, opinions and beliefs

Provide us with appropriate evidence about any changes to your personal circumstances as soon as possible

Be clear, concise and respectful in your communications with the school in person, by email or telephone

Treat your fellow students, tutors and staff with respect at all times