We are part of the film industry

We are part of the film industry

We are proud to work in conjunction with our sister company MetFilm Production, based within the Met campus on the Ealing Studios lot.

MetFilm Production is an award-winning independent production company making high quality, relevant and ambitious fiction and documentary feature films for theatrical release. The company is well-known for its acclaimed movies: Sour Grapes, the 2016 Grierson Trust winner – How To Change the WorldSarah Gavron’s Village At the End of the World, Grieson-winner – Deep Water,  and a feature documentary Town of Runners, winner of the Tribeca Film Festival and many other productions. See the full list of films.

The partnership between the film school and the production company  provides fertile ground for the vital crossover between our students and the industry. Having working producers and documentary makers on our campus gives our students and graduates invaluable access to industry professionals who in turn are better placed to track and nurture this next generation of smart screen creatives. MetFilm School’s students have been involved in various projects at Met Film Production, including Town of Runners, Sour Grapes and How to Change the World.

MetFilm Production has found roles for MetFilm School students and graduates on all their productions since they first moved to Ealing Studios in 2007. From runners to researchers, from edit assistants to production assistants, and from producer’s assistants to co-producers, some of our most dedicated students have been able to cut their teeth on real industry projects.

MetFilm Production also offers a highly regarded internship scheme which is open exclusively to MetFilm School graduates. Two recent interns were taken on as full-time Production Assistants at MFP through Skillset training schemes, while many interns have moved directly from their placement at MFP into full-time industry jobs at renowned companies such as Dogwoof and Blinkbox. Throughout the school year, MetFilm Production’s producers interact regularly with the students through masterclasses, project case studies and ad-hoc teaching, as well as through their presence on a variety of pitching panels for short and long courses. MetFilm Production’s high-level talent relationships provide the school with a steady flow of exceptional writers, directors, producers, editors, financiers and distributors who deliver masterclasses and lectures to the students outside class time.