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Here are a few key moments in Met Film School's story...


82% of Met Film School graduates from BA, CertHE and DipHE courses now work in creative industries, according to Met Film School’s annual survey. We launched the Smart Screen Creative Awards in partnership with Twitter and The Imaginarium celebrating the finest work of our students.  Met Film Production’s documentary How to Change the World was awarded the prestigious Grierson Award for Best Documentary on a Contemporary Theme – International, sponsored by the Canadian High Commission. Another documentary Sour Grapes premiered at the Sheffield Doc Fest and received high critical acclaim. We launched 20 new courses in our school in London, and 2 – in Berlin. 


Met Film School students made 800 short films, 3 feature films and 3 TV series and won 10 prizes in the international film festivals over the year. The new school in Berlin was opened in collaboration with YouTube at BUFA studio. The Berlin Campus facilities include 1,500sq ft studio, two standing sets, a 5.1 surround sound screening room and postproduction suites.


Further award success for Met graduates including B for Boy (Chika Anadu) winning best feature film at the Africa Movie Academy Awards and Auschwitz On My Mind (Assaf Machnes) wins Best Short Film Awards at five different film festivals.


There were commercial releases in the UK and other territories for a number of graduate films including Project Wild Thing (David Bond), Papadopoulos & Sons (Marcus Markou) and White Lie (Nyima Cartier). The High Price of Gold(Ross Domoney) wins top prize at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. Met Film Production also released Village at the End of the World and The Great Hip Hop Hoax.


Met Film School Berlin opens! Met Film Production’s Town of Runners, conceived and co-produced by graduate Dan Demissie, opens in Tribeca and is released in cinemas in the UK by Dogwoof. Another Met Film School student Perry Bhandal sees his film, Interview with a Hitman, released by Kaleidoscope – a year after he pitched the idea to the school.


Tribeca premiere graduation film, Paper, alongside Met Film Production’s Donor Unknown, which is released in UK cinemas.


Graduation film, Sterke Verhalen (Tall Stories), is released in 34 cities across Holland and Belgium.

Met Film Production’s The Infidel opens in over 40 territories.


BA Practical Filmmaking launches with 119 enrolments. Meanwhile, Met Film Production’s Little Ashes and French Film are released in the UK and other territories.


25 students enrol on first BA course validated by then TVU (now known as University of West London).


Met launches Met Film Production – an independent production company making high quality, relevant and ambitious fiction and documentary feature films for theatrical release.


Move into Ealing Studios. First unaccredited one-year course begins.

Met Film acquires postproduction business and launches Met Film Post – a cutting-edge facility offering full post production services for feature films and more.


First 8-week course takes places in Clapham, London.