Met Film Post

Met Film Post

Met Film Post

MET Film Post is a professional post production facility that has worked on many successful films including the acclaimed documentary ‘How To Change The World’.

Those facilities are now part of the school and an excellent opportunity for students to get experience with industry standard equipment. The facilities are managed by our post production staff who keep the equipment in top condition and with a background in post production, assisting students with their post production needs.

Our Facilities Include…

  • 1 Theatre
  • 1 Sound Suite
  • 4 Finishing Suites


Theatre 1

Theatre 1 is a dedicated colour grading suite and the crown jewel of Met Film Post. The room is equipped with a state of the art calibrated Sony 4K Projector, 5.1 surround sound system and a Davinci Resolve grading system. From colour grading workshops to film screenings, students can make the most of our excellent facilities and we’re just getting started in making the most of this excellent equipment.


Sound Suite

Sound is one of the cornerstones of post-production; our Sound Suite provides students with the tools they need to get the most out of their films. The room runs Adobe Audition, a professional digital audio workstation that ties in with the schools teaching of the Adobe Suite. This room is kitted out with a sound proof booth allowing students to record voice overs, replacement dialogue (ADR) and sound effects (Foley) in a reverb free environment.


Finishing Suites

All students have access throughout the week to an editing workstation, but when it comes to finishing a big film students have the opportunity to book one of our finishing suites to add those finishing touches. We currently have three.