Undergraduate Courses – Additional costs

BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking: Additional Costs:

We provide a huge range of facilities at the school as part of your educational experience with us including lights, cameras and other kit to help on your productions.  However there are some personal items required, as well as additional costs you will incur in production that will require additional funding that you need to budget for.

In summary these costs are:

Production Costs: £500

Graduation Project Budget: Unknown

Flash Drives & Hard Drive: £100 – £200

Reading Materials: £100

Other miscellaneous costs: £200

Production Costs:

As part of your course you will write, produce, direct and edit content that you have taken part in creating. Group production projects you will work on are paid for by the school, but where projects are worked on by individuals the school does not provide funding as the scale of these projects can vary greatly dependent on our students creative decisions.  

You will receive free hire of our production kit, and production advice on finding locations and getting permits to shoot in public places. You will also receive advice on finding actors cost effectively.  You will however need to budget some extra funds to cover various production costs such as the provision of transport for kit, paying actors the equity minimum wage if you choose to use them, expense money for travel costs and to ensure you have food and drinks on set for your cast and crew whilst shooting.

Please note that these extra costs do not need to be excessive and that students are encouraged to use their initiative and resourcefulness to keep these costs as low as possible.  We also provide support and advice on finding innovative ways to fund projects, such as crowdfunding.  The amount you spend will depend entirely on the scale of production and how much you wish to spend.  

We recommend that over the course of the BA (Hons) programme you budget around £500 for the costs of these projects.  For the Diploma (DipHE) programme you should budget around £500 but don’t need to budget for the graduation project, and for the Certificate (CertHE) programme you should budget around £300.   

Graduation Project:

In addition to this, you should also budget for your graduation project.  Graduation projects vary greatly in terms of their scale and scope.  Some students choose to spend significant amounts on their graduation projects, involving multiple locations, actors and substantial production budgets.  However, other students choose to write a script or develop a business plan, and the costs of these projects will be very low.  As a result, we are not able to provide a recommendation for what you should budget for this project, but we would recommend that you start thinking as soon as possible about what your final project may be, and what budget you may need to save or raise funds for to cover this. 

Flash-drives & Hard Drives

In order to successfully train with us on our accredited courses, you need to ensure you arrive at school with the following equipment:

  • 2 x ‘SDHC’ SD Cards
  • 1 x Master Hard Drive & optionally 1 x backup Hard Drive

Cards must be;  “SDHC” SD Card (look for the SDHC label found on all SD cards).  High Performance “UHS-­‐I” or higher cards (all SD cards have a “class” identified on their labels and packaging -­‐ UHS–I (often shortened to “U-I” or higher is recommended.)  16GB is the recommended size (this is the sweet spot for size, bigger and some cameras don’t support them, smaller and you may end up having to change cards too often).  You must bring at least 2 cards to work effectively.  The cost of these cards will be around £40 – £80.

Hard Drives must be: USB powered -­‐ It is VITAL your drive is “USB Powered / Self Powered” (ie. No separate power supply – usb powered only) You will find these will be the “pocket” sized drives, the size of your palm. USB 3.0 connectivity – whilst you can purchase drives with other connections in addition to USB3.0, you will only be able to connect to USB3.0 at the School – so make sure your drive supports USB 3.0.  The drive should be at least 1TB in size. Larger is fine but be careful about putting all your eggs in one basket.  You should ideally bring 2 drives, 1 as your master and 1 for backing up your rushes and other work. As you progress through your time at the school, you may need to purchase more drives depending on the amount of data you wish to backup or keep as archive.  The cost of these hard-drives will be around £50 – £100.

Reading Materials:

Prior to starting the course you will be provided with a reading list.  These books are not compulsory to purchase, and most will be available to loan from the University of West London library once you start with us.  Many students choose to purchase some of these books themselves, and we recommend budgeting around £100 for these materials. 

Miscellaneous Costs:

Finally we also suggest that all students assume that there will be other unknown costs that occur during the course of study that will require some additional budget.  These may include tickets to events that are recommended by your tutors, costs of hiring in additional equipment items and travel to filming locations.