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Aspirant Writers – MA Screenwriting in Leeds

2023 Scholarship Award – Aspirant Writers Scholarship for MA Screenwriting, Leeds

MetFilm School is pleased to announce two 2023 Aspirant Writers Scholarships:

  • Scholarship for a UK resident
  • Scholarship for a Yorkshire resident

This scholarship applies to MA Screenwriting at MetFilm School Leeds. There is one UK and one Yorkshire Scholarship available per year.


Scholarship Details

Full tuition fees of the accredited course are covered for the duration of the course. This does not include costs towards accommodation, expenses or additional mentoring and coaching.

Applicants need to submit the Scholarship application form and the course application form at the same time, otherwise you won’t be considered for an interview. If you have applied previously to MetFilm School and already have an offer, you may still apply for this scholarship.

MA Screenwriting at MetFilm School Leeds is the only course eligible for the Aspirants Writers Scholarships.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

General Criteria

This is a discretionary award, and applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be over 18 at the time they start their studies with us.
  • If shortlisted, applicants must provide evidence of financial need.
  • Applicants must provide examples of creative work relating to the field of screenwriting.
  • Applicants must have received an unconditional offer to receive their scholarship.
  • Applicants must be able to support themselves during the duration of the courses they are studying. The Scholarship, if awarded, only covers tuition fees.

All information requested must be provided or applications will be rejected outright with no consideration. Please ensure that the application is clear and legible.

UK and Yorkshire Applicants

There are two 2023 Aspirant Writers Scholarships available for MA Screenwriting in Leeds – one for a UK applicant*, and one for a Yorkshire applicant.

You will have the option when completing the MetFilm School Application Form to select either the UK or Yorkshire Scholarship.

Proof of eligibility must include any one of the below:

  • Birth certificate from the UK and/or Yorkshire; or
  • Proof of current or past addresses in the UK and/or Yorkshire; or
  • Proof of heritage: a family connection (yourself, your parents, or your grandparents) to Yorkshire.

*For applicants to the UK Aspirant Writers Scholarship, this includes students who are able to study in the UK without a VISA, including those with settled status.

Documents Required

  • A completed MetFilm School Application Form for the relevant course of study.
  • A completed MetFilm School Scholarship Application Form.
  • A letter of recommendation from persons who are not related to the applicant and who are familiar with the applicant’s commitment and achievements in film, TV or screen content.
  • At least two examples of creative work. This can be in the form of a film, TV episode, short-form content, projects or scripts. The applicant must be able to demonstrate how they played a leading role in the project.
  • If shortlisted, we will request supporting documentation providing evidence of the students and parents/guardians financial status. Please note: if documentation is not in English, a certified translation must be supplied. This should include at a minimum:
    • Last 3 months of payslips for all members of the household.
    • Last 3 months of current account bank statements for all members of the household.
    • Last 3 months statements of any savings or investment accounts for all members of the household.
    • The last years tax return for all members of the household.

Independent Students

If the student classifies themselves as independent and does not believe their parent/guardian income should be taken into account, then they will need to provide evidence of this independence. The evidence you need to submit will depend on why you are applying as an independent student. If you fall into two categories – for example, you are married and you aren’t in contact with your parents – then you can send evidence of both to make sure your application is processed correctly.

The following is only required if an applicant has been shortlisted.

  • If you have been supporting yourself: photocopied bank statements or payslips, or documents that show you have been receiving benefits.
  • If you are not in contact with your parents: a letter or signed form from a teacher or social worker.
  • If you have been married or in a civil partnership: your marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate, a legal document showing you are divorced, or a confirmation from a solicitor of your marital status.
  • If you are a parent: your child’s birth certificate, a photocopied Tax Credit Award Notification (TCAN) form, photocopied child benefit details or photocopied P60s.
  • If you have no living parents: your parents’ death certificates.
  • Last 3 months of payslips for the student.

Apply Now for 2023

  • Priority Deadline: 4th August 2023*.
  • Final Deadline: 31st August 2023.
  • Decisions on the successful application will be announced on or before: 8th September 2023.

*Please note: We reserve the right to close this Scholarship after the Priority Deadline if we receive sufficient applications. Therefore, to be guaranteed consideration, please submit your application by 4th August.

Please read these guidelines:

  • If a section does not apply to you, please indicate that it is not applicable (N/A).
  • If an application is incomplete, you will not be eligible for consideration.
  • The decision of MetFilm School is final and we cannot, regrettably, participate in any individual correspondence with applicants before or after that decision.
  • All scholarships are considered on a rolling basis.

Please note: you can save your application and continue later by clicking on the button below the form. Afterward, the page will reload, and at the bottom of it, you will see a unique link to return and complete your application. This link will expire after 30 days.


Contact Us

For any information on the Aspirant Writers Scholarship for MA Screenwriting in Leeds, please contact our Admissions Team by phone at +44 (0)20 8280 9119, or by email at