The Station Master

The Station Master


The Station Master: Shane Attwooll
The Woman: Nadia Cameron-Blakey
The Driver: Benjamin Noble

Production Company: GentleCap AS
Executive Producer: Olav Stokke
Producer: Claudio Mascolo, Rab Wilson, and Jon Olav Stokke
Director: Jon Olav Stokke
Director of Photography: Stephen Murphy
Writer: Benjamin Noble
Editor: Rab Wilson
Costume Designer: Kristy Little


Won the ‘Award of Excellence’ at Los Angeles Movie Awards 2013

Won ‘Best Costume Design’ at Los Angeles Movie Awards 2013 (Costume Design by Kristy Little)

Shortlisted (Top 3) for Shooting People’s “Film of the Month” – July 2014



A lonely Station Master at a remote, rural outpost encounters a woman stranded overnight at his station, and after some hesitation, invites her to spend the night in the warmth of his humble home. This unexpected encounter reawakens the Station Master’s enthusiasm for life as the two talk long into the night, but in the morning, when her train arrives, will she leave along with his heart?

Screenings in the US:
American Online Film Awards 2014
Savannah Film Festival 2013
Flint Film Festival 2013
San Diego Film Festival 2013
Big Bear Lake International Film Festival 2013
Cinema Society Los Angeles 2012
Cinema Society San Diego 2012
Heartland Film Festival 2012
Palm Springs International ShortFest 2012

Screenings in the UK:
Shorts on Tap 2014
Who are you looking at? 2012
Eat My Short Shorts 2013

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