Listen to Me

Listen to Me


Director: Rob Ayling




Eleanor, a musicologist moves into a new apartment a few days before new years eve. She bumps into her next door neighbor Jason. A few nights later, Eleanor is awoken by a loud, heated argument coming from next door. Eleanor is worried by the tone of what she can hear so she calls the police. After the police refuse to look into it, Eleanor decides to use her sound equipment to record the voices and sounds. This leads to a series of events culminating in a fatal error.

*OFFICIAL SELECTION – Shooting People, Short of the Month, March 2017
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – BAFTA recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Nov 2016
– Nominated for Best Thriller
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – BAFTA recognised London Short Film Festival, Jan 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – Bristol Film Festival, March 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – CineMe, March 2016
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – Bath Film Festival, Dec 2015
*OFFICIAL SELECTION – East End Film Festival, July 2015
– Nominated for Best UK Short Film

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