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MetFilm School is strongly engaged with social media, consistently sharing information across our various platforms. By following us you can access up to date information on our courses, events, promotions, competitions, blog postings, student work, alumni projects and guest speakers.

Our team are passionate film fans too, so we love to share details of upcoming releases, screenings, festivals, filmmaking news and particularly London based happenings – making it important to follow us even if you don’t study here!

Connect with MetFilm School

Facebook – Packed full of updates on exciting film news developments, interesting blog links, updates on our practical filmmaking courses and the occasional trailer too.

Twitter – Get all of our news on the go, as and when it happens! Our page is regularly updated and is great for those who want to get an insight into everything that goes on at Met, as well as tip-offs on all the exciting film events that we hear about. It’s a great place to engage, so we encourage you to ask our team questions and get involved with our competitions!

Linkedin – We know that Linkedin users are all busy people, so we don’t like to make too much noise and distract you from your work. However, we get some pretty exciting filmmakers, producers and industry professionals in at MetFilm School and think it’s great to share their insight with people in similar fields.

Instagram – Get our latest news on the go with the power of MetFilm visual social content.


Our channel offers videos showcasing our informative and inspiring programme overviews, filmmaking tips, student and alumni interviews and film trailers. Here is a video in celebration of our 10th birthday!

We also upload examples of impressive student work and footage from our regular industry masterclasses. Here is a video of highlights from our conversation with acclaimed actress Vicky McCLure.

Our Social Media Policy

Met Film School’s Social Media Policy and Guidelines are designed for employees who use, or wish to use, social media within their role at Met Film. This page provides guidance on Met Film School’s social media policy and usage; how, why and when to use social media; and etiquette and best practice.

You can read our Social Media Policy

Adding to our Social Media Presence

We actively encourage our students and staff to create new Social Media presences for MetFilm School.

If you plan to set up a new social media page, group or blog for MetFilm School please notify the Marketing Team and they will be able to offer guidance and ensure that your presence is listed on this page.

You can contact the team at