Alumni Outreach Ambassadors

Our graduate body now exceed over 10,000 students from over 100 countries globally. Our students have worked in all corners of the world and are pushing boundaries within the screen industries. For those reasons, we feel that its great to hear from their experiences and what they are doing, as well as what they experienced at MetFilm School. Giving advice on preparing for interviews, how to work in the industry and what they learnt during their time at MetFilm School, our Outreach Ambassadors can help advise your students on their next steps.



Alexandros is an award-winning film director based in London. His directing experience ranges from fiction narrative to commercials for international and UK-based productions and his latest project “Fe-2o3” was produced by the 2018 Academy Award Winner David Ormerod. He works as a director and acting coach for the Acting School Instinctual and currently he runs live trivia-shows for Blinq. Through his career, he has directed projects for companies such as the Forthnet Group, RG, Bloode and Theon’s Sensors. He has developed more than five feature length scripts, directed over ten short films and now strives to direct his debut feature film in 2020 produced by Central Athens Film Productions.



Originally from Bulgaria, Bogdana attended Met Film School’s Three Year BA program and graduated with a 2:1 with a mixed medium live-action/stop-motion graduation film called “Epiphania”. The film was nominated for the “Innovation” category at the Smart Screen Creative Awards. She has actively participated in Met Film School’s both social and academic events such as mixers, masterclasses, and outside-of-class projects. After graduating from Met, due to the gained experience, Bogdana has received opportunities to work on professional film sets; most recent one was the upcoming Met Film Original “23 Walks”. She has also had opportunities to work with Barnaby Thompson, head of Ealing Studios. The connections she made while at Met Film School are opening doors to bigger and better opportunities every day.



Emil is a novelist, scriptwriter and film director from Denmark. He has a Bachelor in social science and strategic communication and an MA in directing from Met Film School in London. His time at Met film school allowed him to read a wide variety of scripts, spanning all genres and styles. Emil learnt how to develop his own personal style and successfully managed to direct and write his first short film ‘’ Space Ranger’’. The film has been submitted this year to several festivals (UK Film festival, New York City Short Film, Hollywood Art and Movie awards, etc…) and once its round in those festivals completed, it will be soon available online.



Melissa came to MetFilm School in October 2015. Since graduating she has become a freelance sound designer and editor for mostly student projects. Her graduation film was made in collaboration with fellow student Bogdana Petrova. The film ‘Epiphania’ won 3rd in the Smart Screen Creative Awards, an annual showcase at MetFilm School, which was judged by British comedy stalwart Armando Iannucci. Melissa continues to pursue projects and works at MetFilm School regularly.



Stefan is originally from the small German-speaking part in North-Italy. He holds a BA in History of Art, Cinema and Theatre from the University of Milan. After his studies, Stefan worked as a Sales Coordinator for an American Textile company in Toronto and NYC, managed different Restaurants in Italy and worked as a Hotel Manager all over Europe. Finally, missing the creativity in his job, he did a Master in Scriptwriting & Business/Producing in Berlin and London. Since then he worked on high-end commercials and film productions as Producer, Line Producer and Production Manager. He was the Head of Development and Associate Producer for different London based film companies – before founding his own. Stefan is fluent in German, Italian and English.



Sara has been working as an editor, casting director and actress for 8 years. Previously, she worked in a company based in Pinewood Studios and now she is a freelancer in film, commercial and social media content. Main clients: Zeiss, Red Europe, Volvo, Deloitte, Microsoft, among others. Furthermore, Sara has experience as PR and Brand Ambassador for different events like BSC show at Olympia and Excel. She speaks four languages and lived in four countries.