Tomisin Adepeju – Met Film School Reviews

Tomisin Adepeju – Met Film School Review

Since completing Met’s MA Directing course in 2015, Tomisin has been rapidly developing his career as an independent filmmaker. His reputation has recently grown substantially, with two of his films generating substantial praise and recognition on the festival circuit. The first is The Good Son, which was made by Tomisin as part of a module in school, and the second is his recently debuted graduation film Marianne, which took a noteworthily long time to complete, due to being shot on Super 16mm. 

The films are emotionally rich, both exploring themes such as love, death and faith through Nigerian protagonists. Combined the two shorts have been made official selection for 35+ festivals, with The Good Son being awarded Best British Short Film at the East Anglian Student Film Festival, Best Director (Student Film) at the MAC Film Festival, Best Community Film at the Rob Knox Film Festival and Best Actor (Gbolashan Obolahan) at the Woodland Film Festival

Prior to his postgraduate study, Tomisin had studied a theoretical degree course at the Royal Holloway University, during which he developed his knowledge and taste for cinema – particularly French New Wave – and experimented with practical filmmaking. He later decided to join Met Film School to further develop his skillset and continue finding his creative voice. 

Speaking about his time at the school, he notes;

“My time at Met Film School was incredibly life-changing because it equipped me with the necessary practical skills & knowledge that I needed to become a Film Director. But more importantly, the experience made me realise what kind of film-maker I wanted to be.” 

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