Johann Frenschock – Met Film School Reviews

Johann Frenschock – Met Film School Review

Since graduating in 2012, BA Practical Filmmaking alumni Johann Frenschock has been working as a Special FX artist, and has assisted on the creation of some instantly recognisable design from blockbusters such as Guardians of the Galaxy, The Martian and Exodus: Gods & Kings

Upon graduating, Johann dedicated himself to a lot of freelance jobs, often collaborating with other Met students; developing his make-up FX skills and building a small portfolio. Soon he was taken on and trained by FBFX hired and shortly after began making armour for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Johann’s 5 Piece of Industry Advice:

  • Keep Busy – While studying at Met, use that time to do as many projects you can and get started on your portfolio.
  • Experiment – Don’t be scared to fail. Try new things and develop ideas. If it doesn’t work, at least you learnt from that experience, and the next time it will be better.
  • Be Resourceful – Use Met as much as you can. You are at a school with great resources and tools which should be used, because in the real world you won’t have the money or ease of access to the kits.
  • Prepare Yourself – Be prepared to be tired! We work in an industry that works long hours, so be prepared. It will be hard, but trust me, there will also be those moments you’ll be glad you stuck with it.
  • Be Kind – Lastly – and most importantly – be nice to everyone. Treat everyone with respect, and remember you’re a team and you need to take of each other. I’ve experienced my far share of big headed people and, I will tell you now, they won’t last long in this industry.

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