Marcus Markou

Shortly after graduating Marcus wrote, directed and executive produced the feature film Papadopolous & Sons. He released the film theatrically in the UK himself, grossing £40k on the opening weekend on 13 Cineworld screens, with no posters, press ads or TV campaigns. It was acquired by the BBC for free TV and alongside sales agent 7&7 and Movie Partnership, it is selling well globally. NuVision released the film in Germany in June 2013 on 100 screens. Marcus says: “This is proof that there is demand for independent films, and that the producer can get there direct.”

Prior to this Marcus gained experience in writing and directing through making his own short film The Last Temptation of Chris.

In recent years Marcus has been developing his skills in producing, working on Live Life Dearestthe documentary Love in the Time of Crisis and the TV mini-series Kosmos, which is currently in pre-production.