Lewis Hudson – Met Film School Reviews

Lewis Hudson – Met Film School Reviews

“I arrived at Met Film School as someone who wanted to partner up with people to create high quality films. I arrived as a socially awkward, communication flawed, and overall shy individual who was ridiculously nervous to talk to new people. Met Film not only gave me the opportunity to improve my skills both in and out of film, but actively encourages it through their modules. I was extremely pleased that the time I spent inside the build was doing what I wanted to do; directors are directors, producers are producers… people aren’t forced to take on positions they aren’t comfortable with.

MA Postproduction has taught me a lot within a span of a year that I didn’t expect to take such a quick amount of time. The tutors answer questions in the detail that you want them to, and they are free to contact outside of the module if you have more questions but haven’t had the time to ask them. If you don’t know colour correction, you will not only be taught it but you will be taught to the point where you can be extremely confident with using it.”

Lewis Hudson

  • “I'm a lot more confident after spending a year on the programme, met some really nice people, and had the pleasure to work with them on both their own films, and on client projects.”
    MA Postproduction 2015

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