Karoline Moser

Karoline Moser has been established as a professional editor in both film and television since 1997 when she started as an assistant editor on the Scottish TV drama series ‘McCallum’ (starring John Hannah).

She has since worked on TV series such as ‘Touching Evil’ and ‘Mrs Merton and Malcolm’ and also numerous feature films including the Disney and Spyglass production of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ directed by Kevin Reynolds.

Her editing credits include well-known documentary strands such as ‘Extraordinary People’ and ‘Equinox Special’ and she continues to edit short films and feature films in addition to teaching. Her more recent collaboration with director Josephine Halbert has resulted in an award-winning 35mm independently produced short film ‘Time Travel Boyfriends’ (won the PRIX RADI distribution prize at the Cannes Film Festival). Karoline recently edited ‘Never Stop’ (Live Version)’ a soundtrack promotional film (won ‘Best Music Video’ at the Sante Fe Film Festival).

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