Fraser McGruer

Fraser McGruer completed the Part-time Documentary Filmmaking course in 2014 and has since been cultivating a career as a full-time filmmaker and photographer.

He was a winner in an exclusive documentary filmmaking competition at Met Film School, delivered in partnership with the Independent newspaper IndyDocs. Through this he secured the opportunity to gain production experience with TV channel London Live, which in turn led to the development of a series of short films about different communities of people in London.

Fraser currently produces online content for corporates and charities, where a documentary style of shooting is increasingly in demand. At the same he maintains personal documentary projects, which he has been busy entering to numerous competitions and festivals.

Most recently, Fraser has been embarking on an oversees charity project in Ghana, a commissioned opportunity that came through Met’s official postgrad network.   

Talking about his time at Met Film School, Fraser says;

“I had a great relationship with my tutor and the course was an excellent mix of theory and practice. My favourite moments were the practical exercises where we would go out into Ealing armed with our cameras and audio gear, interviewing people, executing shot lists, building stories and more.

The course culminated in the completion of a short documentary film, which enabled us to bring together all the skills and techniques we had practised. More than anything, it was an invaluable exercise in the art of delivering a finished film – not an easy task, but one that you clearly need if you want to make a career as a filmmaker.”

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