Anubhav Sarkar – Met Film School Reviews

Anubhav Sarkar – Met Film School Reviews:

“The course offered us excellent tutors and industry standard equipment and software. The school also gave us plenty of opportunities to collaborate not only with students from other departments, but also external clients. This gave us a chance to prove our abilities beyond the classroom.  

The tutors were always welcoming and responsive. They helped us achieve results which were beyond our abilities. At the end of our year, we were highly skilled and well prepared to face the positives and the negatives of the creative industries. We took back much more than what was expected and I will cherish the memories of the year for a long time.”

Anubhav Sarkar

  • “My year at Met Film School in the MA Post-Production has been extremely delightful and enriching.”
    MA Postproduction 2015

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