Smart Screen Creative Awards 2019

Smart Screen Creative Awards 2019

MetFilm School’s Smart Screen Creative Awards return to the Ham Yard Hotel  on Wednesday 27 November 2019.


  • 2019 shortlist is now up!
  • Eligibility: All current and former students of an undergraduate, postgraduate, or short course (minimum 8-weeks full-time/6-months part-time) completing their study in 2018, 2019 or beyond.
  • New: Introducing a brand new category – Technical Excellence!
  • 2019 Host: Broadcaster Nikki Bedi (BBC’s The Arts Hour)
  • Got questions? Email

2019 Shortlist


“Square One”
Emily Sargent
Six-Month Practical Filmmaking

“On the Clyde” – Script
Sydonie Calvert
BA Practical Filmmaking

“The Sofa Surfer”
Corey Smith
BA Content, Media, and Film Production – ScreenSpace


“Go Outside”
Matt Buckley
MA Cinematography

Loke Yee Lai
MA Film and Television Production

Rafael Ceribelli
Part-time Six-Month Screenwriting


Maya Armon
BA Practical Filmmaking

“Six Grand Under”
Thomas Attwood
MA Directing

“Home Away from Home”
Ibrahim Nash’at
MA Documentary & Factual – Berlin


“Nun the Wiser”
Mikolaj Wasowski
BA Practical Filmmaking

“Confessions of a Subconscious Mind”
Curt Dennis
BA Practical Filmmaking

“Live With It”
Briony Puddepha
MA Screenwriting


“Mind Body EDS – The Invisible Illness”
Guy Trevellyan
MA Producing

“Swim for West Papua”
Joel Evans
MA Producing

Dean Marriott
MA Directing – Berlin


Magdalena Essel
BA Practical Filmmaking

Bogdana Petrova, Melissa Green
BA Practical Filmmaking

Florian Thess
MA Directing

2019 Judging Panel

Noel Clarke – Creative Excellence
BAFTA award-winning Actor, Director and Writer
( Bulletproof, The ‘Hood’ Trilogy, Doctor Who )

Philippa Goslett – Diversity
Writer (Mary Magdalene, How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Little Ashes)

Jo Strevens – Impact
Executive Producer, Carnival Films

David Sheldon-Hicks – Technical Excellence
Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director, Territory Studio
( Ad Astra, Blade Runner 2049, Spider-Man: Far From Home )

Lucy Banks – Entrepreneurship
Head of Content Solutions, EMEA, Google

Zai Bennett – Innovation
Managing Director of Content, Sky UK


This award will go to a piece of outstanding creative content that demonstrates excellence in every aspect of its execution. It will be visually and/or aesthetically arresting, contain exceptional content and appeal to its intended audiences that goes beyond the appreciative.

This award will go to a project that showcases technical or craft skills, and which demonstrates a real understanding of the technical possibilities of its medium or platform.  This could be exceptional use of sound, lighting, digital manipulation, editing, post production, set design and build, musical composition or stunning graphics.

This award will go to a project or content that seeks to bring attention to the diversity of the world we live in, or to a community cause. It could be content or projects promoting LGBT, gender, ethnicity and other diversity causes, or a community cause that could make a real difference to people’s lives.

This award will go to a project that demonstrates smart thinking in the business of screen. This can come in the form of imaginative and successful fundraising, clever promotion of the project before or after it is finished, addressing a problem in an original way, and commercial success.

This award will go to a project that engages a specific audience, makes an impact on people’s lives – or both! The entrant must explain how they identified their audience, developed content, and promoted it to them, with evidence of the project’s success, or in demonstrable changes to people’s perception of an issue, problem or cause.

This award will go to a project that shows new, fresh ideas that are unexpected and innovative regardless of their format. We will award the screen artefact that pushes the boundaries, showing exceptional originality and awareness of the possibilities of its chosen medium.




  • Open to students at MetFilm School London, MetFilm School Berlin and Screenspace.
  • Submitters must be 18+ years of age
  • Projects must have been created while the submitter studied an eligible course
  • Eligible submissions must be completed in accordance and acceptance of the the full Terms and Conditions found here.