Smart Screen Creative Awards 2016

Smart Screen Creative Awards 2016

The 2016 Smart Screen Creative Awards ceremony took place at London’s vibrant Ham Yard Hotel, Soho, and was hosted by BBC Entertainment & Arts Correspondent Brenda Emmanus and sponsored by Twitter and The Imaginarium.


  • Audience Engagement – Monica
  • EntrepreneurshipHot Seat
  • Innovation – Kalash
  • Diversity – Williams Syndrome Foundation
  • Creative Excellence – The Sprint King
  • Impact – RightsInfo












Audience Engagement
This award will go to a project that demonstrates exceptional engagement with a specific audience. To win in this category students need to explain how they identified the audience, developed the brand, project and story and promoted their content to the audience, with the evidence of success.

This award will go to a project that demonstrates smart thinking in the business of screen. It could be the fundraising of the project, the promotion of the end product or any other project that shows exceptional business sense.

This award will go to a project that shows new, fresh ideas that are unexpected and innovative regardless of their format. We will award the screen artifact that pushes the boundaries, showing exceptional originality and awareness of the possibilities of its chosen medium.

This award will go to a project or content that seeks to bring attention to the diversity of the world we live in, or to a community cause. It could be content or projects promoting LGBT, gender, ethnicity and other diversity causes, or a community cause that could make a real difference to people’s lives.

Creative Excellence
This award will go to a piece of outstanding creative content that demonstrates excellence in every aspect of its execution, from the script development to the postproduction.

This award will go to a piece of content that demonstrates making an impact on people’s lives. It should be content that raises awareness of a cause and makes a demonstrable change in people’s perception of the problem. It could be a documentary, a charity awareness advert, a social media campaign, a work of fiction and many other things besides.

Student Feedback

  • “It was a privilege to be there. Really fabolous and inspiring event! Thanks also for the opportunity to meet Brenda Emmanus who was just wonderful, really inspiring individual.”
    Jessica O’Sullivan BA Practical Filmmaking, Met Film student union representative
  • “Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity! The Smart Screen Awards were a great success! Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to next years! ”
    Sarah Saifi BA Practical Filmmaking
  • “It has been fantastic and the feedback from other participants is extremely positive. I am looking forward to the next one!”
    Mara Manzolini MA Producing and the winner of the Impact category