18 April 2019

What’s Unique about MA Post Production at MetFilm School?

By Giuseppe Bruni | Categorised in News, Filmmaking Tips

MA Post Production at MetFilm School prepares students for a smooth transition into the screen industry. We aim to teach students not only ‘how to edit’ but ‘why to choose this particular edit’. The course understands the ever-changing face of the post production industry and tries to stay ahead of new techniques and workflows.

“Students have access to a number of industry standard software including Premiere Pro, Avid, After Effects, Resolve and complete the course with vast knowledge in the four key areas of Post Production; technical skill, critical analysis, exploring creativity, and good communication.”Michael McHugh, MA Post Production Course Leader.

The course has many highlights, one of which is the Industry Project, a real-life example of the kind of work graduates will likely be doing. The Industry Project is time managed, with delivery dates and deliverables to a client and negotiations between director, producer and executive producer.

Another recent highlight for our current students is a re-cutting exercise, during which students edited footage from the MetFilm Production feature-length documentary: How to Change the World, (released in 2015).

“The idea was to take a section of the How to Change the World documentary – the whaling incident – and to edit it in groups. The students watch the first section of the film before the incident occurred and read the book written by Robert Hunter as additional research. They then have to construct the edit to tell the story in a new, dynamic and interesting way.”

During the exercise, students transcribed interviews, organised rushes, rough-cut, peer-reviewed each other’s work, picture locked the edit, reviewed with the director and screened the final cut to an audience. The eight weeks of editing reflect a real industry setting.

Filmmaker Jerry Rothwell reviewed the edits and fed back as well as contextualising the entire documentary.

“This is an incredible opportunity for students to work with an award-winning film, to interact with a world-class director, and to understand some of the challenges of the editing process. The students were inspired by the challenge and amazed by the insights Jerry gave them.”

If you’ve got a keen eye for editing, find out more about our MA Post Production at MetFilm School.

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