30 June 2017

Be More. Make More. Achieve More! Six-month courses at MetFilm School

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in News, Student Stories

Challenge yourself to make the most of your time and achieve more than you ever thought you could.
Traditional academic courses such as Bachelor and Master’s degrees are not one-size-fits-all. If you’re dreaming about a filmmaking career but you’d rather gain a pure skill without formal academic assessment, six-month filmmaking courses at MetFilm School might be perfect for you.

Make your dream a reality!

Our six-month courses have already helped hundreds of students, passionate about filmmaking, to make a transformational step towards a more fulfilling career. This includes people who used to have ‘safe’ but not rewarding jobs, and high school graduates, who prefer learning by doing to a uni degree.

Kathrine Lee, Six-Month Post Production:
“I left university after a year. The lack of structure did not suit me so I joined a short course at MetFilm School. The six-month course suited me much better as it was full-time so I was always busy – it prepared me well for working life after the course. I was also attracted to the six-month course as there were no exams or essays; it was 100% practical experience which again prepared me well for the world of work.”

Guy Phillips, Six-Month Practical Filmmaking:
“I was an accountant and it was a dream of mine to work in the film industry, so I was looking for a course that would enable me to change my career. The Six-Month Practical Filmmaking course taught me everything I needed to dive straight into the working world within a short space of time. As a result of a contact gained from a fellow student, I secured a role as a runner on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies directed by Stephen Frears.”

Glenn Kelly, Six-Month Practical Filmmaking:
“Before I did a practical filmmaking course I was a tour guide in Europe and before that I was a project manager in telecommunications. I then decided that I wanted to get into filmmaking and started doing digital content for the tourism industry. Soon I realised that in order to take the next step into feature films and TV shows, I would need to upskill and really learn what goes into making a film. And that is why I decided to do the Six-Month Practical Filmmaking course at MetFilm School.”

Make more screen content!

At MetFilm School, you won’t be stuck with your head in a book, you’ll be out walking the walk and learning how the pros do it from the pros themselves.

Kathrine Lee:
“During the course, we worked on many projects, including real-life productions, meaning we had hands-on experience with the kind of thing we would be dealing with after the course. We worked on short films, branded content style projects, corporate work, commercials and ads. We covered most aspects of post production including editing, audio mixing, visual fx and colour grading, which I particularly enjoyed.”

Alice Haswell, Six-Month Practical Filmmaking:
After we learned a new skill we immediately put it into practice. This is the approach of constantly testing and making films.

Make the most of your career!

It is not just about the craft, it is about your success! Not only will you leave the School with creative and technical skills, but also with valuable contacts and a good understanding of how to make your way into the industry.

Kathrine Lee:
“At the end of my course, I went straight into working on a project arranged by MetFilm School’s career support team.”

 Glenn Kelly:
“You get to work with lots of different tutors from different sectors of the film industry. A lot of the jobs that I got straight after MetFilm came from the networking with these tutors and with the people that I met during the course.” 

Holly Upton, Six-Month Practical Filmmaking:
“After the course, I was still in contact with a lot of teachers who gave me job references and really helped me get where I am now.”

Whichever course you choose, filmmaking, post production, acting, producing or digital animation & VFX, we look forward to welcoming you to the School and giving you our full support in your next steps as a smart screen creative.

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