19 April 2017

A-level student Ally Dewing discusses Brexit Storytelling Challenge experience

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in Student Stories, Met Competitions, Film News

At the end of March, we proudly unveiled the two short films adapted from the winning scripts submitted to our Brexit Storytelling Challenge. The competition was an opportunity for both Met students and other creatives to develop an idea for a film about Brexit – incentivised by the prospect of seeing their script get brought to life by a talented crew of Met Film School graduates. One of the two picked winning scripts – ‘A Silent Voice‘ – was written by Ally Dewing – a Year 12 pupil at Shrewsbury High School with a growing passion towards the film industry.

Her idea is direct, clear and powerful. It presents two moments whereby young people are treated unfairly in their day-to-day lives, seemingly without reason. However, these scenes soon reveal themselves as analogies to Brexit – highlighting the difficulties young people under the age of 18 faced in not having their voices heard during the E.U Referendum. Speaking about the initial inspiration for the piece, Alex says;

“My story reflects my own personal experience as a 16-year-old regarding the right to vote during the Referendum. What I saw among my friends and classmates was frustration, but it wasn’t directed at their peers with opposing views but instead at the Government for simply not listening to what we wanted. The main objective of the idea is to put into context how ridiculous it is that 16-17-year-olds in the UK weren’t allowed a vote when Scottish people of this age group were allowed to vote in the 2014 Scottish Referendum and the National Assembly for Wales plan on lowering their voting age in the future.”

The final short film was developed earlier this year and was directed by Tomisin Adepeju, a graduate of our MA Directing course in 2015. Speaking about her experience of the production, Ally explained that she frequently spoke with Tomisin about the script, and aided in making amendments for the screen. She was also invited to attend some of the shoot, and “even made a cameo” in a scene featured within an early cut. Over in her own blog, she talks about the “surreal” experience and how it “reinforced her passion for filmmaking”.

In addition to seeing her script get brought to life, Ally has also been awarded the opportunity to study on a Met Film short course of her choosing. She is soon due to enrol on our Four-Week Filmmaking course, where she is hoping to develop her practical filmmaking skills and is hoping to pinpoint a “specific area to pursue in greater detail”.

We look forward to welcoming Ally to the school and seeing where her course takes her.

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