17 January 2017

New Year, New Opportunities to start your filmmaking journey

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in News, Filmmaking Tips, Film News

Rejoice! It’s a brand new year, and regardless of how successful you’ve been in keeping your resolutions, now is the perfect time to unlock those secret or neglected aspirations and start doing something you really want. As Robin Williams’ Dead Poets Society character John Keating so wisely reiterated to his students – “Carpe diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary”.

If you’ve ever thought about doing a filmmaking course, the beginning of the year is a great time to start. However, with a variety of different part-time and full-time courses, it might be difficult to choose your perfect one. We’d like to share some advice which we give to those who want to do a course but don’t know where to start.

If you are looking for a career change…
You might consider taking a BA or MA course. However, if you already have an academic qualification and are not ready to spend years on your education, there are much shorter alternatives. At Met Film School, we offer a variety of six-month full-time courses which we recommend to individuals who want to learn a lot in a relatively compact period of time and build a portfolio to demonstrate their skills to employers. These courses are light on academic tasks but packed with real-life experience. “The Six-Month Practical Filmmaking course taught me everything I needed to dive straight into the working world”, –  says our student Guy Phillips. “As a result of a contact I gained from a fellow student, I secured a role as a runner for a feature film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies directed by Stephen Frears.”

If you are looking for a career change but cannot study full-time
Not everyone can abandon their day jobs and commit to full-time education. If you require a part-time schedule, our advice is to look at longer part-time courses which will result in finished projects that you can submit to festivals or add to your job applications. We usually recommend our six-month part-time courses to career-focused individuals. It’s ok to take a shorter course but you might not have enough time to complete your work. “My experience at Met Film School helped focus my strategy on getting my first feature off the ground,” – says Perry Bhandal who completed our part-time Producing course. “I executive produced, wrote and directed my debut feature – the action thriller Interview with a Hitman starring Luke Goss which was launched at Cannes.”

If filmmaking is your hobby
Not everyone wants to learn for professional reasons – perhaps, you are just passionate about film, TV and online media and are interested in obtaining the essential skills to start working on projects in your free-time. Our twelve-week part-time foundation courses offer a more laid-back approach to learning, taking place once a week. The benefit of these is that they can easily fit into your lifestyle, and there’s lots of time between classes to further research, work and experiment with what you’ve learnt. Make that dream of writing a screenplay, shooting a short film or making a music video for your friend’s band a reality.

We also offer weekend courses, which are perfectly suited to those who are curious about a particular area, and perhaps want to ease themselves in with a solid, inspiring and fun introduction. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in two days…

If you need to build a new skill
If you are already familiar with filmmaking, you know that learning never stops! We heard you and many other ex-students who told us that they’d like to expand their knowledge into new fast-growing areas such as virtual reality, visual effects and web-series. This is why we’ve recently launched new six cutting-edge two-week courses for students with experience who would like to build more specialised knowledge.

Still unsure of which of our short courses suit you? No problem! Our Admissions team is always happy and available to discuss further – just call +44 20 8280 9119, e-mail info@metfilmschool.co.uk or request a 2017 prospectus and someone will get back to you.

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