14 November 2016

Celebrating Met Film’s Values

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in CEO Blog, Film News, News, Events at Met Film School

Tonight’s Smart Screen Awards Celebrate Met Film’s Values Underpinning Met Film’s Philosophy

Last Monday, Met Film Production’s How to Change the World won the highly coveted Grierson award for Best Documentary on a Contemporary Theme, having previously opened in Sundance last year. The film tells the story of how three young men coming together with a failed mission to stop Nixon’s nuclear bomb test in Amchitka in 1971 led to the birth of Greenpeace. It’s a story that says loud and clear, that with a bit of passion and a bit of a plan, it is possible to change the world.

The timing of this award was startling, two days before the US election.  Like many of us, I have spent a lot of time trying to make sense of the political changes unfolding in the world over the last year and more. I don’t know the answers, but I do know one thing. When I am confident that my leaders share my values I sometimes become complacent because I forget that I have to work hard to ensure they are present in the world. I rest easy. I assume. In fact, the fabric of values that underpin our worlds is like a sea that ebbs up and down and is sometimes in sync with our own values, and sometimes out of sync. In such times, it is all the more important to bring those values into everything that we do.

How to Change the World tells the story of how three impassioned men discovered how they could use video to make the change the world they wanted to see in the world.

Tonight, Met Film School’s Smart Screen Creative Awards, sponsored by Twitter and The Imaginarium, will celebrate six values that characterise the best of the work Met Film School graduates are involved with: engaging with an audience; having an impact; celebrating diversity; innovating; being entrepreneurial; and demonstrating creative excellence. These are the values that, when they come together, enable us to change the world, to entertain, and meanwhile to have the most fun possible.  

I am so proud of all 18 nominees, of the 150 entries, and of the 9000 students who have gone through our doors over the last 13 years – many of whom are now working in the creative industries creating content which draws on these qualities to entertain or push their viewers this way or that.

Follow the awards tonight via our Twitter @MetFilmSchool, and join the conversation with #SSCA

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