31 May 2016

Screenwriting Graduate’s ‘How To Lose Jobs And Alienate Girlfriends’ to Get iTunes Release

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in News, Student Stories, Film News

Compared to most music documentaries, it would be fair to call the creative process for How To Lose Jobs and Alienate Girlfriends more challenging than most. With the feature, filmmaker and Six-Month Screenwriting graduate Tom Meadmore presents us with an honest and uncompromising insight into two independent musicians pursuing their dreams of music industry success – the only catch being that one is Tom’s girlfriend, and the other his boss…

The end product is an engaging piece of risky and devoted filmmaking, whereby Tom bravely puts his relationships on the line in the hope of unpacking home truths regarding life fulfilment, motivation and meaning. Speaking about the five-year project, Met Film’s CEO Jonny Persey describes the film as “a must-see for any aspiring filmmaker, as it explores the relationship between filmmaking and its subject.”

The film was released to strong critical acclaim last year, and having had a limited theatrical run, we are now excited to say it will be made available through iTunes on Tuesday 7th June 2016 – an impressive feat considering the film was self-released through Tom’s own Go Fish Films.

In speaking about his time at Met, Tom has highlighted his need to gain a theoretical understanding within a concise amount of time, saying, “I knew I needed to understand subtext and structure on a really deep level – hence why i did a screenwriting course. I wanted to get a screenplay written in six months“. Six-Month Screenwriting is also ideal in that teaching takes place on alternate Saturdays, meaning it is manageable around other career commitments.

Tom is currently working on his next feature, an equally intimate – but no doubt more serious – film entitled The Cancer Conflict. In light of the horrifying statistics regarding survival rates within the UK, the documentary follows two individuals who of have chosen to deal with their illness in opposing ways. While the film’s subject matter and tone will be a diversion from How To Lose Jobs and Alienate Girlfriends, we think Tom’s keen eye for examining the human condition could prove particularly key in examining the issue.

Congratulations to Tom on the upcoming digital release – we hope it will lead to more people seeing his original and turbulent debut. 

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