10 February 2016

MA Producing Students Present ‘The Big Improvski’ – Watch Trailer

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in Student Stories, Events at Met Film School

At the end of January, students currently studying our MA Producing course hosted The Big Improvski, a ‘fun improv game night’ reminiscent of iconic show Whose Line is it Anyway? The comical evening was held in Stage 5, an original Ealing Studios sound stage inherited for special events and practical teaching. We were thrilled to be invited along by the students to enjoy a dose of unscripted spontaneity.

There was however one catch…

Those that made up the audience on the night were sadly mistaken if they thought they would be mere spectators to the show. With everyone sat and doors shut, it was revealed that both sides of the room would be assigned a team leader, then have their improvisation skills called upon throughout the evening’s different challenges. Round-by-round selected members of the competing teams would take to the stage and try to earn their comrades some all important points. Cue nervous twitching and spectators timidly staring at shoes.

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The Judges [L-R] School Director Lisa Neeley, Head of Producing Steve Pinhay, Josie Churchill (MA Directing) & Paolo De Battista (MA Directing)

Scoring was left in the hands of a well positioned panel of judges featuring Head of Producing Steve Pinhay and School Director Lisa Neeley. A member of the crew’s format team, Shivani Srivastava, found the rather game involvement of the school’s faculty to be particularly effective, saying, “seeing Lisa cry with laughter as the actors improvised was definitely the highlight.”

The good planning of the evening was also visible through the involvement of students studying within other strands of the MA, many of whom fulfilled technical duties and were busy filming the entire evening on an intricate five camera set up. The MA Producing team will be sharing the full footage soon, but in the meantime you can catch a trailer below:

We also spoke to some of the project’s main organisers to find out their response to The Big Improvski. Production Supervisor, Marwan Zeghbib, particularly stressed his satisfaction with the collaborative effort of all involved, saying,

“Everybody stuck to doing their jobs, and cross-collaboration was very fluid across all departments. This was the point of the exercise, and this team effort was met with a lot of enthusiasm from all different participants on the night of the event. I think this is truly a case to say that nothing beats teamwork!”

Likewise, the show’s host, Ibrahim Kamal, spoke of the zeal that everyone brought to the stage – even the unprepared guests! He added,

“As the host of The Big Improvski, I thoroughly enjoyed the amount of energy and enthusiasm shown by the producers, the jury and the actors. The games were meant to showcase the creativity and innovation that are inherent to an improv night. The students really broke out of their comfort zone, and that’s what Met Film School is all about.”

We couldn’t agree more! Congrats to all involved – this was certainly a show that The Dude would abide.

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