11 January 2016

What Essential Skills Every Graduate Freelancer Screen Creative Should Have

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Steve Pinhay, our Head of Producing and Head of the Careers and Employability department, Met GO, spoke to The Independent recently about what skills graduates should be selling if they want to work in practical roles within the screen arts industries as a freelancer.

After graduating from Met Film School, we have had past students going on to set up their own production companies, and also work as freelance script editors, camera operators, cinematographers- you name it! So how do graduates carve out these careers in the creative screen arts, and what are employers really looking for?

In the article (full version can be seen here), Steve suggests that freelancers in any industry should be positive, flexible and adaptable. Being a good team worker is also important to securing repeat work, but he stresses one thing above all others. “Ideas, ideas, ideas. Where experience is lacking, ideas and creativity can make the difference between getting a job or missing out.

Inevitably, however sharp your skills and comprehensive your contacts are, missing out will still form a part of your freelance life. Pinhay suggests sorting a few practicalities – getting a driving licence, subscribing to trade journals and job websites – to improve your chances.

After that, the key skill every freelancer needs is resilience. “Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to be prepared for disappointment and setbacks,” says Pinhay. “Don’t take rejection personally; instead, ask for feedback where possible.

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