8 December 2015

Student Project ‘Keep it Camden’ Receives Television Broadcast on London Live

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in News, Alumni Interviews, Student Stories

While many of our success stories come from talented graduates, there are also those that are born straight out of the classroom. This was certainly the case last month when an undergraduate module project received its own television broadcast on London Live.

Keep it Camden began its journey in Summer 2014 on the Small Screen Production module of Met’s BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking course. Under the guidance of tutor and Executive Producer Steve Rehman (The Only Way is Essex), 12 students were set the challenge of making a 6-episode mini-series adopting similar production techniques to hit shows such as Made in Chelsea. The class worked within a six-week schedule, split evenly between pre-production planning, shooting and finally post-production.

We are now proud to say that the finished product was strong enough to be picked up by the Freeview & Sky channel and was shown in a condensed 22-minute pilot during November.

A trailer for Keep it Camden in its original mini-series form. 

Speaking about the usefulness of the project, Steve Rehman notes the worthwhile experience of working with “real people”,  as well as dealing with the unpredictable nature of unscripted entertainment. Elaborating, he says,

In terms of filming it meant always shooting on three cameras to get the coverage in one go, thus avoiding the need to re-do any takes. It’s a very important aspect of the genre because you’re dealing with non-actors. Put quite simply – they need to be as ‘real’ as possible, but it still needs to maintain the glossy look of a conventional drama.

We also spoke to Keep it Camden’s Line Producer – Met student Sam Prudence – about building the show “from the ground up”. Speaking fondly about his role on set, Sam said,

As a fan of the popular reality drama formats I already had a knowledge of the aesthetic and traditional storyline patterns used on shows of that genre, so I was keen to act as Line Producer on the project. From writing the show’s ‘Style Bible’ – which I based on my knowledge of TOWIE – to finding our cast in Camden Market, and then developing and shooting our constructed scenario’s, it was an invaluable experience.”

Congratulations to the hard working students behind Keep it Camden; many of whom recently graduated, and who we are confident have many more credits to come.

Follow Sam Prudence on Twitter @SamPrudence.

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