28 November 2015

CEO Blog: Met graduates screen on TV and in Cinemas this autumn

By Jonny Persey | Categorised in News, CEO Blog

If you want a bit of fun on Saturday evening (28th November), tune in to BBC2 at 9.55pm and watch the TV premiere of Papadopoulos & Sons. This entertaining film is written and directed by Marcus Markou, a graduate of our Part-time Filmmaking programme. It’s a really enjoyable romantic comedy, and a film I genuinely recommend. Click here to read and watch a bit more about the making of the film.

It’s wonderful to see this film get to a BBC audience. Four films are now playing in London cinemas during September and October with strong graduate connections; our BA programme’s web series, Keep it Camden, premiered on London Live earlier this month; and graduates are credited on the latest Bond movie, Spectre, and the new Star Wars film. It’s been a great autumn for Met Film School alumni right across the film and screen industries.

For those of you who don’t know about Keep it Camden, it is an exciting BA project created by Met Film, using the very latest editorial and production techniques from highly successful reality drama shows such as ’The Only Way is Essex’ and ‘Made in Chelsea’. Says lead tutor, Steve Rehman: “we used ‘real people’ as opposed to actors and placed them in constructed storylines – ones that are created in the production office based their real life relationships.  In terms of filming it meant always shooting on three cameras to get the coverage in one go, thus avoiding the need to re-do any takes. It’s a very important aspect of the genre, because of dealing with non-actors. Put quite simply – they need to be as ‘real’ as possible. But, it still needs to maintain the glossy look of a conventional drama.  The other unusual and fun facet of making a show like this in comparison to conventional scripted drama, is the necessity to keep cast members in the dark, so their reactions to any given situation are surprising and truthful – even if the scenes are created purely for entertainment.

Says Met GO Steve Pinhay, “the world of screen content is ever-expanding and it is vital that Met Film School students gain an awareness and the programme-making skills relevant to the exciting range of opportunities that await them. ‘Keep It Camden’ is a perfect example of our commitment to developing the next generation of flexible, industry-ready screen creatives – a reality soap created as part of a dynamic industry-aware BA programme, designed to be broadcast on the web with a strong social media component, that has now been picked up by London’s main cable channel to be shared with a television audience.


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