2 November 2015

MA graduates screen in the Official Selection at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015

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Vicki Kisner (MA Directing, 2015) (winner of the Emerging Talent Award at the British Urban Film Festival earlier this month) is screening her short film Sheila in the ‘Drama‘ reel at this year’s BAFTA- Qualifying festival: The Aesthetica Short Film Festival, on Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 November. The film was produced by Guy Horlock (MA Producing, 2015), shot by Matthew Muscat-Drago (MA Cinematography), edited by Carl Troedsson, graded by Colin Hughes (both MA Postproduction, 2015) and written by Katey McDonagh (MA Screenwriting, 2015), another striking, collaborative Met graduate production.  The film, which has previously screened at the Durban International Film Festival, follows the story of a domestic worker in South Africa who fears asking her controlling boss for time off to go to a wedding, and cooks up a lie about her grandmother’s funeral, but this lie soon escalates. Shot in Johannesburg, the short drama offers a reflection on life in South Africa.

On this outstanding achievement, Vicki said, “I am over the moon that it has been invited to screen at such wonderful, prestigious festivals. Durban International Film Festival is one I am especially pleased about as it is one of the biggest festivals in South Africa and it means a lot that my film has been screened in my home country. I’m also really proud to have been invited to screen at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival as it’s a BAFTA qualifying festival and one that encourages emerging talent and celebrates the short film medium…I am a female director and there aren’t many of us in the industry at large and I want to contribute to changing those disgraceful figures and lack of opportunities.”

Working on integrated projects throughout the course had it’s benefits too- Vicki was able to build up a team of talent that she felt comfortable working with, whilst also sharing the same vision, especially when it came to the cinematography.  On working with fellow ex-student Matthew, Vicki explained, “Matthew and I spend a lot of time planning our shots and the way we want our films to look (we have made four short films together now). We are both strong believers in the camera moving for a reason so try to avoid ostentatious camera moves just for the sake of it. We have the same planning process when discussing lighting. We decided to go for mainly natural light and feel this choice really serves our story.”

Find out more about the film and Vicki’s experience shooting the project in this in-depth interview on the Aesthetica website.

Vicki had produced short films before starting at Met, choosing to re-train in Directing specifically on our MA course.   On all of our postgraduate courses, students are given the intensive training desired to build a career within the screen arts in their chosen fields: Documentary & Factual, Cinematography, Directing, Postproduction, Producing and Screenwriting.  Fill out our form to request more information.

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