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15 October 2015

Strong mothers on screen – the UK release of Room

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This year’s BFI London Film Festival has continued it’s trend of championing the voices of strong women with it’s UK premiere of the harrowing dramatisation from Emma Donoghue’s best selling novel, Room. Donoghue also provides the screenplay for this powerful screen adaptation.

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Room centres on one woman’s maternal love for her son, and the lengths she goes to provide a normal life for him in the world. Brie Larson provides a fantastic performance as Joy, a woman who’s been kidnapped and imprisoned by a sexual predator “Old Nick” for seven years and is now caring for a 5 year old son Jack, who was born as a result of Old Nick’s sexual abuse.

Though their conditions are dark, Joy is determined that Jack has a normal as possible childhood, shielding him from the abuse around him, and creating a world full of games, stories and exercises to keep him occupied and strong. However knowing that her son’s blissful ignorance of the abnormality of their situation won’t last forever, she hatches a dangerous plan of escape.

The story is told through the eyes of her consistently positive son Jack, played superbly by young newcomer Jacob Tremblay. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable, and Larson has spoken about how the two spent almost a month getting to know each other prior to filming, to make the bond of mother and son appear as authentic as possible.

Joan Allen who plays Joy’s mother Nancy also provides a great supporting performance as Jack’s grandmother, who provides a rock for her daughter as Joy struggles with life in the real world. Nancy, just like Joy, puts her feeling to one side to support those she loves without sentimentality.

Though Room highlights the terrible things humans are capable of doing to each other, it is ultimately an uplifting film that shows us about our capacity to overcome extreme obstacles to take care of those we love.

Room is on general release in the UK from 29th January 2016 Room.

Watch the official trailer below:

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