25 September 2015

Four Met-related Films in Cinemas This Weekend

By Jonny Persey | Categorised in News, Student Stories, CEO Blog

My Hero

I remember sitting on Stage 5 two and a half years ago watching one of our One Year Programme Graduation screenings and in particular, one astounding short film, My Hero, directed by Rob Osman, and starring Nathanael Wiseman. Immediately following that screening Rob and Nate started talking about how to turn their short film into a feature, and – somehow – three months later they were shooting. Feature film My Hero premieres tonight at the Raindance Film Festival. It tells the true story of a small‐time criminal in a British seaside town who, on the eve of a turf war, is forced to go on the run with a nine year old girl after a fatal accident. Aside from Rob, graduates Ed Whitmarsh (Assistant Camera), Tom Houston (Additional Editor), Rachel Hopson (Key Grip) and Leonardo Re (Sound Recordist) also worked on the film.

Says Rob: “It really was a baptism of fire. I had to take everything I had learnt from my year at the school and run with it. From how to structure a screenplay, how to pitch film ideas to “the room,” taking onboard both positive and constructive feedback, actually having the opportunity to direct and crew on multiple short films and finally showing your work to your fellow peers and tutors- these are the essential skills needed for the filmmaker.”

My Hero REDEEMING 3-9-15 (1)


Narcopolis is the debut feature from Met tutor, Justin Trefgarne, and boasts the following graduates amongst its crew:  Jon Keng (2nd Unit DoP); Sam Irwin (2nd Unit focus puller); David Dincer (2nd Unit DIT); Jonathan Schey (walk on part); Diogo Da Costa (production assistant); Kern Sorzano (walk on part); Ben Cross (assistant to the director); Barney Shakespeare (production PA); Leopold Hughes (Second AD); and David Kaye (Supporting cast). A big shout out to all the team as the film comes out this week and will be playing at the Prince Charles cinema from Monday as well as being available on DVD and on-demand, via Altitude Distribution. Justin says: “As many of the staff and students at Met Film will know, it has been a filmmaking odyssey (aren’t they all!) and we are incredibly proud of the film. Many past students found their way to working on the film, as well as some of the regular actors who make their way to Met every so often. I feel a huge debt of gratitude for the connections I’ve made via the film school.” Please like it on Facebook, watch the trailer, go see it in the cinema, and/or pre-order it here.


Or if neither of these take your fancy, consider going to Picturehouse Central tonight to see Jeanie Finlay’s film, Orion – The Man Who Would Be King, executive produced by Met’s Al Morrow, and on which Met Film Production played an associate production role.

How to Change the World

Meanwhile, you can still catch Met’s How to Change the World in cinemas too – click here for more info – 5 of the 19 UK crew being Met graduates!

I leave you with Rob Osman’s advice: “You have to be relentless!  Be the first person to arrive and the last person to go home. Never take no for an answer and always believe in yourself. Collaboration in filmmaking is key, make sure you get on and trust the people you work with otherwise you will find the industry very difficult indeed. You have to make your own work; if no one is offering you a script to direct, write one yourself. If you are lucky enough to find your way onto a set learn from other professionals who have been in the industry longer than you, take on their good habits and remember there is always something new you can learn that helps advance your skills as a filmmaker.”

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