19 August 2015

5 Films Not to Miss This Summer

By Danny Kelly | Categorised in Movie reviews

2015 is shaping up to be a great year for film, from January’s release of Ex Machina, through to the eagerly anticipated Black Mass, due for release in November.

And the summer months are no exception… Here’s our guide to the season’s must-see films.


To call Amy a biopic would be doing it a great disservice. Asif Kapadia’s tale is told with the same panache as his first great work Senna, using existing film footage, secured from friends and family, overlaid with new audio-only interviews. 

The result is a richly compelling portrait of one of the greatest singers we have seen. Extraordinary footage of the young Amy, larking about with her mates at the age of sixteen, contrasts painfully with shots of her bloodstained ballet pumps years later as she becomes sucked into drug and alcohol abuse. Her prowess as a lyricist is foregrounded as she chronicles her own tragedy through song.

Amy has proved to be one of the most popular documentaries to be released in recent years. Due to it’s success though it was released on 3rd of July, screenings have been extended at Picturehouse cinemas till the end of August. Catch it while you can!

Mistress America

Noah Baumbach returns with partner and muse Greta Gerwig in this fast-paced, highly quotable comedy. 

Newcomer Lola Quirke is Tracy, a lonely first year student in New York City, who is saved from her isolated life by Greta Gerwig’s free-spirited interior designer/spinning instructor/fashion designer/ wannabe restaurateur Brooke, whose father is about to marry Tracy’s mother. 

Mistress America is about chasing your dreams, honesty, the holding of grudges and the nature of families. The supporting cast are surely destined for big things with memorable turns from Matthew Shear and Heather Lind.

Catch Mistress America in UK cinemas from August 14th 2015

The Wolfpack

Locked away from the world in a run-down flat on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the six Angulo brothers learn through their exposure to film in Crystal Mozelle’s documentary.

Home-schooled and separated from society they spend their childhood re-enacting movies such as Reservoir Dogs and The Dark Knight using homemade props and costumes.

There’s something of Andrew Jarecki’s 2004 documentary Capturing the Friedmans to this strange and compelling tale.

The Wolfpack won Best Documentary Feature at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

The Wolfpack is on general release in the UK from 21st August 2015. Find out more.

American Ultra

Written by John Landis’s son Max (Chronicle), and directed by British Iranian Nima Nourizadeh (Project X), this fast-paced action comedy stars Jesse Eisenberg as a common or garden stoner who is in fact a highly trained lethal government sleeper agent.

His clandestine (even to him) past comes back to haunt him and he’s soon in the middle of a deadly government operation.

For the first five minutes this plays out like so many indie films about two kooky characters, but then their world gets turned upside down. Kristen Stewart plays Phoebe, his long-suffering girlfriend.

Catch American Ultra in cinemas from 27th August 2015.


It’s 25 years since Martin and Gary Kemp played Ron and Reg Kray: Director Brian Helgeland, whose writing credits include LA Confidential and Mystic River, has this time chosen just the one actor to play both twins: Tom Hardy. 

Emily Browning plays Reg’s tragic first wife Frances and Taron Egerton, fresh from his winning turn in Kingsman: The Secret Service, is Mad Teddy Smith, Ron’s partner.

The story follows the Kray’s takeover of London and the inevitable power-struggles that follow. This is a quintessential crime thriller taking us into the heart of the bloody events that made the twins infamous.

Catch Legend in UK cinemas on 11th September.

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